Monday, 30 November 2009

Do You Ever?

Do you ever add someone to your "friends" list.....and then find yourself bombarded by spam?

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Wide awake!

I should be asleep by now, but I am more than 75% going to try making some supper..albeit late
Perhaps I will sleep?

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Why? at least check!!!!

when a newletter is sent out....aren't the facts checked...before sending to over a 1000+ people?
As usual, answers on sealed down envelope or postcard to..............

Saturday, 14 November 2009

I wonder

After reading this article, I wonder if I was the victim of the mentioned scam. After all, the collision was slow speed and took place on a roundabout, and the woman who ran into me was extremely indignant with both her and her passenger asking me why I ran into them? A few weeks later my daughter did have an accident and the woman she ran into was very apologetic and didn't know the procedure. Let's face it, who ever thinks they are going to have an accident and have to claim on their car insurance, so unless you are a salesman, someone who works for an insurance company, or a member of the police, there is no reason why you should have the procedure off pat.
It's all in the past now, and it was decided that neither party was to blame, so I got 50% of my excess back. I am extra wary at roundabouts these days, and have reverted to the thinking my driving instructor recommended. You are driving a lethal weapon, and everyone else on the road is not to be trusted. He actually said they were all idiots, and will never do the predictable, so always be aware that other drivers are unpredictable. I had mistakenly thought that the driver who ran into me would take the outer lane of the roundabout, when in fact they drove across it in a straight line with no signals.

I'll never know, but will be wary from now on.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Swine flu

:) I knew I felt rough, and yesterday was diagnosed with swine flu.
Now I have a explanation as to all I want to do is sleep. The coughing made my chest and back muscles sore, and my throat very sore as well....and sneezing is very unpleasant.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

act on CO2

While I am all for conserving energy, etc. The latest campaign I am not in support of. It recommends that you drive 5 miles less/week in order to cut your CO2 emissions. Sometimes the only time I use my car is to drive to Asda to do the weekly shop. A round trip of 6 miles. If I cut my car use by 5miles/ would take me 6 weeks to get to Asda and back. Plus my car is diesel, and pollutes more on start up. I don't use my car excessively so I won't be following this bit of advice. I do walk most places, and usually if I know I need to shop I will drive to work to use my time efficiently, as work is closer to the supermarket. The rest of the time I walk to the shop/market/etc, as I have two dogs that need the exercise, and when I don't walk, my ankle becomes stiff and painful.
It might be more useful to encourage people to "downsize" their lifestyle. After all, expensive holidays abroad contribute more to CO2 emissions.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Saturday night/sunday morning...............early

Have just finished leaving a comment on another blog
here things are just beginning to warm up...typical; Saturday night...but why should normal people be disturbed by abnormal ones?
Last night both myself and my 20+ daughter were woken by shouting and fighting in our VERY short street...they have started again tonight...I do know that we are not the only people the street is quiet and on the whole has families in it.
any ideas please...on a postcard or sealed down envelope to.................

Checking my "stash"

I have 9 x 50g balls of a cotton blend.
6 x 50g balls sirdar supreme..mohair...leaf green
7 x 50g pink mohair type
3 x 50g balls Sheena Ann mohair type..cream
1 x aran dusky pink...about 300g left of 400g ball
10 x 50 g soft touch by Wendy...think I have a project for this!
5 + big bit sirdar snuggly 4 ply in lemon
around 60-70 g of each colour in mohair thickness..of white, jade and cerise
4 x 50g balls...[plus around 30g] all same dye lot lilac aran
4 x 50g Dk cream coloured
2 x aran type large at least 300g pale green and lemon
180 g DK wool in pale grey
2 x 100g teardrops cream
10 x 50 g coolspun ocean blue colour
4 x 50g random scarf mix
There is a bit more...
like 4 x 50 g a silk mix in yellow
however..I intend to rationalise my long term stash..and if I can not find a use..I will offer up

The above is all stuff that has been sat in a box in a cupboard since I moved in here. I forget it is there and buy new for projects. I know I shouldn't but I do.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

4 days in

I'm now 4 days into NaNoWriMo. My word count is short of what I would like. However tonight I had an idea that will help, well two actually. I started working on one, and the other is quite easy to follow up. So I hope these ideas will help my progress, and generate new ideas.
50000 words is an awful lot of writing, but I am sure if I concentrate...I will finish on target, and on time.
This time of year gets pretty "dead" here anyway, with the nights drawing in, and the weather getting colder, what better reasons do I want than to sit in front of my PC and write?

Love Hearts

I'd got a selection of sweets in for if we were visited by trick or treater's. There are some left, and I'm having a munch on some Love Hearts. The links below tell you more about them, what I did notice is that there are some "new" messages on them, after all, when they were first made....there were no such things as mobile phones, or personal computers. I wonder how many new messages you can spot in the list, besides the one's that are classed as competition winning messages?
I think there around 17 "modern" ones.

Monday, 2 November 2009

The Royal Mail

Currently our Royal Mail is on sporadic strike. They are protesting against the increased mechanisation. Normally I wouldn't feel that I was in a position to say anything, but as my brother has worked for the Royal Mail since he left the Royal Navy, perhaps I might have something to say.
My brother has been re-trained...with the Royal Mail picking up the tab, as a swimming instructor, and am not sure about this...but he was also looking into becoming a qualified archery instructor.
Apparently, the Royal Mail saw the imminent mechanisation, and offered to retrain employees at their own expense for the future. my brother is a fully trained swimming instructor....they get a decent rate of was in the Royal there is quite possibly a pension coming from they keep ex "staff" as reserves.
I am wondering if the only postmen who are protesting are the one's who did not take up the offer, and have only ever been postmen? I know that is sad, but surely their number of years service will count if they are made redundant? [They should do!]

On the same, but a slightly different subject.....I received a letter today. Wow! Big Deal! I hear you say. This was a letter dated 18th April arrived today 2nd November 2009......over 6 and 1/2 months late! WHY?

Sunday, 1 November 2009


NaNoWriMo started at a minute past midnight...this morning.
I spent quite a bit of the day doing my usual delaying tactics. Eventually I settled down and wrote. I have just typed it up, and have only written 953 words so far, but I have been "flying by the seat of my pants" I started with a basic idea, and have been developing a plot as I have been writing.
I haven't spoken to Blue today, so don't know if she has made a start on hers.
When I wrote essays for uni, I always started slow, then picked up pace as I warmed to my subject, and usually ended up writing more than I needed to. I hope the same happens here. I might post a snippet on Random Scribbling when I'm happy. But please remember the idea is to reach 50000 words, re-drafting and editing are not important at the moment, so it will be a quite rough part of a first draft.