Saturday, 22 December 2007

Didn't realise it would be fun

Well, just over two weeks after coming from hospital, I spent the bulk of the day downstairs.
I will probably spend most of tomorrow in bed as a result.
After the visitors went, Sam took me to Asda. We rang ahead, checking that it was ok to park in the disabled spot even though we don't have a disc, after all, I can't walk far as I have to keep my foot from the floor. Asda were brilliant, they let Sam bring me from the car in a wheelchair, which she said was surreal, "child pushing Mum!". Then when inside the store I used one of their motorised "buggies" to go around the store.
I must say I was amazed at how manoverable it was, also it was fun. I only crashed into one thing in a major way. As soon as you release the control, the buggy stops. So you don't run over people, damn!
Anyway, I enjoyed it, and I think Sam did as well.
She didn't want to strangle me when we got back.
Not the best way to have fun, but the most I've had in the past few weeks.

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