Saturday, 3 November 2007


OK, they are supposed to be for Bonfire Night, which is the 5th of November. a couple of interesting points about "Guy Fawkes Night", towards the bottom of the link.But I think the lunatic "Chavs" (look it up on Wikipedia,) have got hold of some meant for organised displays.My dogs are going potty, and I'm not too happy, as I hate them. And to my way of thinking, if you are in your own house tonight, and not at an organised display, it's cos you don't want to be there for some reason. So, people should be allowed to buy fireworks so huge that they shake the house, and light up the whole street. Also, there is a police ruling that fireworks should not be used within 50 foot of a highway, that rules out the people around here letting them off behind their houses, but it doesn't seem to stop them. Also, they think it's OK to put them closer to your house whilst keeping away from their house?So, I just hate fireworks, and the idiots who live around here, "Chavs" seem to let them off from around mid-October until around mid-January. Help!!!!

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