Monday, 31 December 2012


Started pretty innocuously.
Nothing much doing.
Then February came around...Aunty Sylvia, Mum's twin came over to UK, from France, as it was cousin David's 50th.  She had heart problems and was admitted to Blackpool Vic .
My Dad died, the day before Oliver's 23rd birthday.
Baby, Amelia May Hooson was born....on time..a first for a Hooson, on 2nd March 2012.  Just a few minutes before Dad's funeral.
April, Ann was 50.
May, not much.
June, Samantha was 25.
July..again nothing much here, but Olympics started.
August, same as July.
September, Edwin left for Carlisle to study/read illustration.  First time properly, I was left alone or more than 24 hours.
October, Mum's first birthday without Dad around, plus Ofsted in at work.
November...just flew by. least I saw Oliver and Edwin over the festive season.

Happy New Year!

And I hope despite the year ending in 13, that it will be a better year for everyone

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Post Yule/Christmas

Well, it's all over for another year.
I hope everyone got what they wanted
Seeing as I didn't particularly want anything, it was nice to get what gifts I did.
Oliver, had been on my Amazon wish list and plucked things from it.  A Symphonic Jean Michel Jarre, and a couple of books about English language.  For two of my three years at uni I took English Language alongside, Literature and Creative Writing.  I dropped it in the third year in favour of Creative Writing. I wish there had been a way to carry all three on.  When you study English Language and it's roots it is very useful if you have an understanding of other languages as well, as you can see where the words that we use in everyday language have come from different roots, due to us being invaded constantly until 1066.  I won't bore you with any more of this.
Other things I got, a whistle/bird call shaped like an owl, an owl handbag, a jigsaw, loads of sweets, liquorice, fudge, drumstick lollies.  I did get a couple of boxes of chocolates, but they were from people at work who don't seem to have noticed that I don't eat chocolate, but I still appreciate the though and will share the sweets with others.
Samantha managed to track down a copy of a Tom Holt book that I had only been able to get for my Kindle, this one isn't signed, but it means, I think, that I now have all his comic novels.
I finished seasonal knitting on Christmas Day and took John, Samantha's partner, his scarf last night and stayed for a short while at their party.
There is one weird thing that has happened.  I have lost some weight! :O, not much, but it is now obvious to me that I definitely "comfort" eat when I am alone, so need to do something about that.
This has meandered around for long enough, so I'll sign off.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Amazon spies on you!

Not the mighty river in South America, but the online retailer.
It's true.
You decide to price up an item and within a couple of days you'll get a friendly e-mail along the lines of.
"Hey! You were looking for X on our site.  Here it is again, and some suitable alternatives."
I wonder how many people, after getting one of those e-mails, goes back to Amazon and buys the product?
It seems like spying to me, or having an over enthusiastic sales person following you around saying, "Hey, I'm still here and willing to help you with a purchase, should you wish to make one."
I'm sure if I think about it long enough a poem might form around this.
Anyway, Happy Christmas, Seasons Greetings to all my followers.  I just might post again today, I'm not decided as yet.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Am I too soft-hearted?

In the past, sometimes , even though I haven't had much cash, if anyone asked me if I could "lend" them some money, I usually have obliged. 
Now, perhaps I being naive, but when I went to school, "lend" meant that you would get what ever item was on loan back.  I lost some very good cookery books in this way.
It's not just money, books have similarly been loaned, only for me never to see them again.
So why when I usually don't say no if someone asks for a loan of some kind do I feel guilty about asking anyone for a loan of anything, or even some help?
My point here might seem a little obscure, until I clarify things by saying that my monthly income has shrunk over the past few months, and although I knew it was coming, I didn't realise just how much income I would be down by.  I could have worked it out, just didn't think about it.  So until I get used to things, money is a bit tighter than usual.  So I don't need things happen like they did yesterday. I was driving back from getting my haircut, in the rain, when my wipers packed up on me.  I knew it wasn't the fuse due to a noise I heard prior to them ceasing to work, so I drove, very carefully to the garage where I take my car, as it was closer than home on my journey.  A rod has "come off" or snapped, I don't know which, and it is going to cost around £40-£50.  I do have the money, but I like to keep a "safety net" in my bank account, in case of emergencies.  Ah, well. 
Back to the original point.  I did lend someone around £500, which they promised they would pay back.  I could really do with it now, it would make things a lot easier, but I think they have forgotten completely.
Right now I am telling myself I will never loan anyone anything again, but I know deep down I probably will, given the right circumstances

Monday, 17 December 2012

Cheshire Cat Moon

Around ....must be twenty years ago now. My two eldest and I were sat in our car waiting for their Dad to come out of work.  One of them said that the moon looked like the Cheshire Cat's mouth, (as in the Disney film, Alice in Wonderland, they'd been watching it on video.)  I wrote this poem because of that comment.  Tonight there was a "Cheshire Cat Moon" again, and it reminded me of the time when my children were young.
So here it is, the poem....

Cheshire Cat Moon
Cheshire cat moon
Grinning in the sky.
Why’s he grinning?
He’s eaten the pie.
Then he curled up
Had a little dream,
Woke up again
And ate all the cream.
Cheshire cat moon
Grinning in the sky
When Mum finds out
I’ll be the one to cry
She’ll not believe
That you are real
Call me, “little liar!”
A smack is what I’ll feel.
Cheshire cat moon
Grinning in the sky
Growing bigger and bigger
Night after night
The food you steal
On nights clear and still.
Food people leave
On their windowsill.
Cheshire cat moon
Grinning in the sky
Green cheese diet
Is one you’ll never try?

I am quite pleased with the poem, but it also makes me think back to when both my children and I were so much more innocent.

Saturday, 15 December 2012


I think my last post might have captured some of this
But..........Now there is only me here
Tiz lonely!
I lost the best significant other in my life over two years ago, and despite being egged on from others to "find someone else!"  I can't....
The person I lost might come back, and until I know he won't I am in limbo
So.................. being me right now is so tough....

It's hard

I never realised how hard this would be!
In September my youngest went to Uni
I knew there would be a financial change....what I hadn't seen was the mental change......................
I suppose if you are part of a couple and the last child "flies the nest" you have the support of your "other half"
However, if you are one prepares you for the sense of loss.
It is nearly the Winter Break and I know that my "children" might come home for Yule..but I understand if they need to be long as they just tell me this.
Similarly, I am ready for any extra visitors.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Chancellor's Autumn speech

Yes, today the Chancellor of the Exchequer is going to be making his Autumn speech.  (Or mini budget if you prefer.)
Is it too much to hope that he might take some measures that will ensure the lower paid don't lose out yet again. 
In the past years he might have given us a higher level of pay before we start paying tax, but this has been simply gobbled up by the increases elsewhere.
For example, domestic fuel prices have climbed, meaning that it costs more to heat your house in winter, and light it, and even do basic stuff like cook, preserve food, (in the fridge,) etc. The increases in fuel duty, along with the fuel companies puts up the price of food in the shop, as the cost of delivering food to the shops increases.
I'm sure the shops themselves must have bigger overheads due to power price increases.  These are all passed on to the consumer.
Why can't they see that it just creates a vicious circle?
Food prices have climbed quite a lot in the past few years, so the average lower paid employee ends up using most of their wage to be able to survive. Or is it a plot, to return the lower paid/ working classes back to the state the country was in a 100 years ago?  I don't have any answers, but hitting the little people can't be gaining the government very much.