Thursday, 19 July 2007

6 weeks holiday!

I have 6 weeks holiday from work....but before you all start queueing up to apply for any jobs that are going where I work...think on this... my wage is ok...if you don't have a mortgage..and HUGE demands on your income.
The technicians where I work get paid..."pro-rata"..which means..we work the hours..seems to get paid a real low wage..but what other job had 13 weeks paid holiday/year?
Like I say....OK...if you have no large outgoings.

Anyway, that wasn't really what I intended posting about.

It was the "leavers" do for staff.
I have worked at the school for 2 years and a term now, and although we have the "leaving" bit everyterm..the summer ones make me sad. Today so many of my youngest son's teacher's left. If this had happened 6 or more years ago..I would be very worried, but thanks to his BRILLIANT year 4 teacher..and the lovely teachers after that...he can now cope. He can even cope with the Brass teacher, who taught him for the last 6 years, leaving. And ...even after all this time ..I put his ability to accept these changes down to two people...
The wonderful year 4 teacher, who now teaches at a different school, and the constant brass teacher.
Thanks both to Ian and Peter...I will always be happy that you taught my son that there are men in this life who CARE what you do.

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