Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Torture, pampering and visiting

Today has been so busy.
I go up early and managed to swim..for the first time in weeks. I only managed 14 lengths...(2 short of a quarter mile,) but I did them.
I had waited to have my breakfast until I returned from swimming.
Then it was time for torture and pampering, had my legs waxed and hair cut....leave you to figure out which is which.
Then, while Sam was being pampered..I delivered the pressie to Ma and Pa. Dad was pleased with the pressie, I think it is the only one that was bought with both in mind..and long term use.
On the way back home, picked Sam up.
Did other mundane stuff..and now ma worn out and feeling dizzy....but I have managed to be good all day. I promise not to turn this into a Bridget Jones moan.

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Barry said...

You did fab Jean - 14 laps is more than I can do - and you've got an injury. Replied to your exercise post in H&L.

Take care - Love Barry