Monday, 31 December 2007

Stitches out!

Well, bright and early this morning I went to the hospital, to have my 1/2 cast off, and stitches
The bandage/plaster came off real easy..a few snips with scissors, then snap the cast around my foot.
The plaster-room nurse took the stitches out, except they weren't, they were staples! All 26 of them.
Then the doctor came to check everything had healed as expected.
Apparently my ankle has healed very well, but I have to take their word for it,as I felt distinctly nauseous, and more than a little dizzy.
Whilst waiting for the doctor, the nurse brought another patient in to remove their plaster, so she pulled the curtain around the bed I was sat on.
Now....don't know about USA hospital beds, but in UK, when they pull the curtain around, for privacy, you can guarantee that the join/split lands right in your line of vision, so I started laughing. The nurse asked me why I was laughing, and adjusted it.
Samantha, has only had a brief overnight in hospital, when she had concussion, but she noticed as well.
I was still feeling nauseous, but then the nurse started to remove the patient on the next bed's cast. Samantha had no idea how they removed a full cast, (rofl,) and when the saw powered up her face dropped, I laughed, she looked shocked and asked what was going on. I pointed to the mini saw by the bed I was sat on. Then she guessed, "just a minor amputation then?"
The man in bed next to me asked, when the nurse went out, what I was laughing at, when I explained, he laughed as well.
It made the visit fun, and at least Sam won't faint when they take the saw to my leg to get the cast off.
By the way, I return in two weeks, have it x-rayed, and if the consultant is happy, the cast comes off, if not ...another two weeks.
(Sorry, that sounds daft....whether my cast comes off or not doesn't hinge on whether my consultant is feeling good or not that day.)


Blue said...


I not sure about hospital stays here either.

Sea said... you mean curtains?
Or how they remove casts?