Wednesday, 19 September 2007

It's my ankle, honest.

I forgot one of my nephew's birthday. He was 25 today, but lately I have been forgetting stuff. I am sure that is just the pain that is making me do it. Before this injury I used to remember birthdays, etc, and people would count on me to remember.
Another thing that annoyed me yesterday was, I went to the market, well drove to a car park and walked the remaining short distance, with both dogs. The trouble is people will pet the dogs without asking if they can. And WHY do they always stand just out of the lead's length, and then when I pull the dog back, cos I am actually buying something at a stall, do they react as if I am "Cruella de Ville's" mentor?
1) They should ask if it is ok to stroke my dogs, for all they know they may not want to be stroked, and 2) if they want to stroke the dog, they should approach it, not the other way around.
One dumb woman nearly had me on my arse as she was encouraging the dogs to go to her, and they had tied their leads around my legs. And SHE had the cheek to tell me off when I told the dogs off for pulling! (shakes head in disbelief)
Next time I go to the market the dogs stay home until I can walk unaided again. I just can't risk further injury to my ankle.

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