Sunday, 22 February 2009

I love this site

For those of you who aren't in the UK....I just thought I'd put this link up.

Explore the site, it's a little wacky. Here in the UK there's a insurance comparison website called compare the market, I think the site above has probably been built by compare the market there are links.
It just makes me smile.
I love the way Aleksander says "simple" at the end of each advert.


If you've been reading here recently, you will know that I like sewing and knitting............BUT, when browsing both sewing and knitting patterns I have to doubt the sanity of some pet owners.
Why? I hear you ask.
Simple, I do not understand why people dress up their pets. At first I thought it was just dogs, but when browsing for a suitable example to show you, I also found this , and now I know there are certifiable pet owners out there. There must be, as a big pattern manufacturer would not print and make available for sale such patterns otherwise.
BUT.....what I don't understand is why do people dress up their pets? Both my dogs do have coats, but I tend to only use them if it is raining heavily and the dogs have been clipped, or turns very cold very suddenly. They don't wear coats at other times, as light rain, dogs periodically shake, which frees the rain from their coats and prevents it sinking through to the skin. [I hate it when people stroke wet dogs, as this breaks down their natural barrier and then the rain soaks through. Also, dogs coats get thicker if the weather gets progressively colder, so they are warm enough, without a coat.
The second example I found, well, all I can think is either the cat is very old and infirm, or it is stuffed. dressing a cat up like that would be pretty dangerous for your average moggie that likes to explore.
Ah well! It takes alsorts!

Friday, 20 February 2009

Just ignore this, if I've told you before!

I love needlecrafts of all types, and have several pairs of scissors that have specific purposes.
When shopping at Asda a few months back I saw this pair of small dressmakers scissors. The scissors themselves are around 7inches in length, including the hand grips, the blades are around 4 inches long. I bought them,because there are times when the normal length dressmakers scissors are too cumbersome, when cutting around armholes and other fine areas.
I have kept them in the pack they were displayed in, one of the reasons being that it says what sort of scissors they are. The second reason is the packaging makes me laugh every time I flip it over and read the reverse side. It says " TO OPEN CAREFULLY CUT PACKAGING WITH SCISSORS" Is it just me and my warped sense of humour that finds this funny? How are you supposed to get the scissors out if you have bought the scissors BECAUSE you don't possess any? Am sorry, it just makes me laugh to think about someone getting them home, and being unable to use them as they have no scissors with which to open the packaging, other than the ones in the pack.

I've been off work for the past week, half term holiday, and have been playing with knitting wool. I've made two "earflap hats" developing the pattern to suit me as I went along. The original earflap hat on a previous post was made from a USA pattern that is not worked how I am used to knitting hats. [It was worked from the crown downwards, which made it very difficult to maneuver.] So I worked out how to knit the hat in the normal UK way, from the brim upwards, working the earflaps first and placing them at the correct place. I am much happier with the second one, the pattern developed from the first to second version. They both have homes to go to. I like the french knitted ties with tassels on the second version, unfortunately I didn't have enough wool left to top the hat with a pompom.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Odd dreams

I know I'm not the only one who has peculiar dreams, but I do keep having the same themed one recently. Am in a house, where I live, [not my current one,] but I find extra rooms, where other people just see walls or cupboards. Perhaps this is very telling? I dunno. These hidden rooms are always peaceful, have great views, or inspire me completely, in various directions. [I have a sneaking suspicion what this dream might mean, but am not putting ideas into people's heads.]
Dreams about houses seem to be fairly common for me, although usually I am dreaming about being in a house where I don't belong, and am unable to find my way out, what is quite odd is in this house as well there are rooms that only I know about. If I can't find my way out, I go to my hidden room.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Friday evening outing

I know it's been ages since I've posted anything, been far too tired to do so.
Anyway, Friday evening I went out. Technicians xmas do, nope, not early but we couldn't agree on a suitable evening before xmas, many being committed elsewhere, so we decided for a post xmas do. One of the technicians had left in the new year, so we combined the do.As it has just been Chinese new year, a local Chinese place was our destination.
The company was great, but if I'm honest, the meal was indifferent, and the seating conditions very cramped, with the waiter continually leaning over me, and never once excusing himself. At one point he completely blocked me from the rest of the people on the table for almost 5 minutes.
I know I won't be wanting to return to that particular place in a hurry.