Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Jelly dog?

Well, it was a bit late, but I took Spark for his annual booster today.
What usually happens is the vet checks him all over, says he's healthy then promptly sticks the needle in him, and it's all over so quickly, and he's usually a shivering mess by the time the injection comes.
We have a new young vet though, and today it was her who saw to Spark, she was even gentler than the male vet, that I prefer to see. (Long story.)
However, she gave Spark a good all round check, and said he was a lovely dog and then she noticed his ears, she was checking them anyway, but they have been a bit tender, I just thought it was because Shadow nips at him when she wants to play, but have noticed once or twice he's yipped when I've ruffled his ears. He has an infection in his ears, so she cleaned them out with a warm saline solution, then she put drops in each ear, and massaged the ears, he loved that and was pressing his head against her to help her massage his ears, which is probably why he sat as good as gold for his injection, not even whimpering.
I've to take Spark back next Wednesday for a check up. Shadow, however, sulked at me for going a walk and not taking her with me. Yes! she sat on the settee, curled up on the elephant cushion, with her back to me! Little madam!
Then Edwin came back from Scotland and the dogs were happy.
And I think I had 4 calls from Oliver, he was making curry, and wasn't sure about things. It goes like this, my mobile rings, it's Oliver, and his Mexican Tomato song, he says, "ring me back", I do, usually it's about cooking, or best buys when shopping.
If you want to listen to the song, go to

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