Monday, 31 December 2007

Stitches out!

Well, bright and early this morning I went to the hospital, to have my 1/2 cast off, and stitches
The bandage/plaster came off real easy..a few snips with scissors, then snap the cast around my foot.
The plaster-room nurse took the stitches out, except they weren't, they were staples! All 26 of them.
Then the doctor came to check everything had healed as expected.
Apparently my ankle has healed very well, but I have to take their word for it,as I felt distinctly nauseous, and more than a little dizzy.
Whilst waiting for the doctor, the nurse brought another patient in to remove their plaster, so she pulled the curtain around the bed I was sat on.
Now....don't know about USA hospital beds, but in UK, when they pull the curtain around, for privacy, you can guarantee that the join/split lands right in your line of vision, so I started laughing. The nurse asked me why I was laughing, and adjusted it.
Samantha, has only had a brief overnight in hospital, when she had concussion, but she noticed as well.
I was still feeling nauseous, but then the nurse started to remove the patient on the next bed's cast. Samantha had no idea how they removed a full cast, (rofl,) and when the saw powered up her face dropped, I laughed, she looked shocked and asked what was going on. I pointed to the mini saw by the bed I was sat on. Then she guessed, "just a minor amputation then?"
The man in bed next to me asked, when the nurse went out, what I was laughing at, when I explained, he laughed as well.
It made the visit fun, and at least Sam won't faint when they take the saw to my leg to get the cast off.
By the way, I return in two weeks, have it x-rayed, and if the consultant is happy, the cast comes off, if not ...another two weeks.
(Sorry, that sounds daft....whether my cast comes off or not doesn't hinge on whether my consultant is feeling good or not that day.)

Thursday, 27 December 2007


I remember a friend telling me that some friends were just "for a reason" or "for a season".
Well, think I had a for a "reason" one, and now she's totally blanking me. If I ring, she says she'll ring back, and doesn't. she no longer responds to IMs?
I won't name her, or say anything about our friendship, but I don't believe playing WOW, (world of warcraft,) can be more fun than talking to real people who you count as your friends.
She knows who she is. I was there when she needed someone to thrash through things with. Now!!!!!!!!!!
Turned into a phantom.....complete with invisibility.
Perhaps I won't be so friendly next time, but hey! that wouldn't be me.
Never mind. You learn from life's stupid lessons

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Didn't realise it would be fun

Well, just over two weeks after coming from hospital, I spent the bulk of the day downstairs.
I will probably spend most of tomorrow in bed as a result.
After the visitors went, Sam took me to Asda. We rang ahead, checking that it was ok to park in the disabled spot even though we don't have a disc, after all, I can't walk far as I have to keep my foot from the floor. Asda were brilliant, they let Sam bring me from the car in a wheelchair, which she said was surreal, "child pushing Mum!". Then when inside the store I used one of their motorised "buggies" to go around the store.
I must say I was amazed at how manoverable it was, also it was fun. I only crashed into one thing in a major way. As soon as you release the control, the buggy stops. So you don't run over people, damn!
Anyway, I enjoyed it, and I think Sam did as well.
She didn't want to strangle me when we got back.
Not the best way to have fun, but the most I've had in the past few weeks.

Monday, 17 December 2007

Flowers, but no parrot

My room looks like a flower shop.
Flowers from my sister, from the kids, from work.
But, I'm on crutches, hopping around.
I keep expecting the next ring of the doorbell to bring a parrot, cos I'v already got an eyepatch, then I'd be set for any fancy dress parties this yule.
So long as it abandons it's post to answer the call of nature, I'll be fine,

Friday, 14 December 2007

Kitchen cupboards

The oldest of my kitchen cupboards is a little over 6 years old, as I put it in when we moved in. (There are older ones, but they were already there.)
The thing that makes we wonder is, why when they take a lot of trouble for the cupboards to fit together, and be strong, do they then put tiny plastic supports to hold the shelves up? These are kitchen cupboards. A plate, cup, tin of beans, bag of flour may not be that heavy individually, yet when you have a normal amount in the cupboard, their combined weight is heavy, and the tiny plastic shelf support gives way. Why can't they make metal shelf supports, or a piece of timber under the shelf to support it?
I think they expect people to renew their kitchen, but why should you, when all that is wrong is the shelf support is inferior to the rest of the product?
The reason for this question arising with me is that the ones holding up the shelf under my sink have given way.
"Perhaps she has a huge weight on them,"" I hear you say, but you would be wrong. The shelf has my iron on it, and then plastic storage boxes, empty spare ones! So the weight on the shelf is minimal. When I'm fit and well again, that will have to be one of my priorities, fixing that shelf, and strengthening the supports on all the other shelves.

All stamped and sent

I spent most of Wednesday writing my Xmas cards. Then in the evening Edwin pushed them all in post box for me.
Some are still here, cos they can be delivered by hand. I also spent Wednesday sorting out some more pressies for my kids. I really think I should get Edwin another present. They don't have piles of pressies this year, but I have got them what they want. I have got Samantha a pair of straighteners, but let her have them early, as she regularly straightens her hair after washing it. I need to make my partner's present up. Sam has put my sewing machine ready for me to use.
Yesterday I got dressed and was up and downstairs several times, and slept like a baby at night, exhausted. So today I have eased off a little. Just resting.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Christmas cards and pressies

Well, here I am ...trapped, can't move.
I would write all my Christmas cards, but I can't reach them, and my address book is downstairs. If I go downstairs. I shall stop there until they are all written. I had no idea using crutches,as I have to right now, was so physically demanding.
They will get written, but not altogether sure when.
However, I have found some pressies online, and sorted them, will just have to make sure that I am downstairs when the postie brings them. Ah, well. It's only another 5-7 weeks before I can put my foot on the floor, I hope. By then I should have lovely thighs, from hopping and holding the plastered foot up.
When I grow up, I want to be a flamingo.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

At the mercy of the kids

Yes, until I can put my left foot on the floor again, this is how things are to be.
I'm at the mercy of the kids. And although Sam says it has been a bit of a shock, she also said she feels more organised.
This morning she got up at the usual time she does for work, and gave me my breakfast, and saw to the dogs, washed up, with time to spare. She was so surprised that she commented on it.
I'm keeping busy, reading etc. Have been watching DVDs I had bought and not watched, the kids had, but I'd been busy doing something else. Also doing the daily jigsaw at Lemon Grove Jigsaw PuzzleLemon Grove Jigsaw Puzzle

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Symphony of snores!

When I went into hospital on Monday, one of the other ladies in the ward assured me I would be unable to sleep at night due to the snoring of the other patients. She told me that she had encountered difficulty getting to sleep because of the snores.
However, I didn't encounter any problems and fell promptly to sleep. (Due to me making sure I tired myself out before settling down to sleep.) the second night I took a little longer to go to sleep, then I realised that all the snores were different notes, and as I customarily fall asleep listening to music, and concentrating on the patterns in the music, I treated the snoring in the same way. And fell asleep to a symphony of snores. A low rumbly snore, a tenor snore and a soprano snore, punctuated by the percussion of the lady next me coughing in her sleep as well.
I did have trouble one night, but that was due to pain, and not snoring.