Tuesday, 16 October 2007


I know it's a while since I wrote anything here, but when you can't go so far your world shrinks.
Mine has shrunk from as far as I could walk, cycle or drive, to as far as I can hobble, and bear to drive. Driving to the city, a mere 4 miles away, (if that,) daunts me. Going to the supermarket for shopping fills me with dread, on two levels, the trolley won't behave, and steering is a chore. Then will some plonker have parked in my spot by the time I get back? Meaning I have to trail my groceries from wherever I have parked.
I hate how my life has been restricted.
The worst of all this is, no-one has offered me a disabled parking disc, let's be honest here, if walking around my house causes me pain, then I am in essence disabled. To think the stupid event that brought me to this!
All this is very self indulgent.
I haven't had much to write, cos my world has shrunk, I can't believe how swiftly it has, and I think it might shrink even more soon, as I am getting cramp early on when I swim now.
Apart from all that, this last week, I've read 2 and 1/2 books, made PJs for my youngest, top and two bottoms, finished a cross stitch project that someone drew, and I translated, (so no-one else will ever have the same thing,) and re-started a cross-stitch UFO, (unfinished object.)

I've done a little knitting as well, I'm determined I won't get bored, frustrated, yes, bored, no.


Blue said...

I'd love to see the UFO. When it's just an FO. :D

Sea said...

You will, when you visit, although I doubt that it will be framed, just finished.