Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Tiring Tuesday

Now I remember what I was doing yesterday......I vacuumed. And it is hard work with a stupid ankle.

Today, well got down to the pool in time for the adult session. Today there were only seven people in the pool. I swum, 1/2 a mile again, then went back home, via the post office to pay the Electricity and gas bills.
After eating , my youngest and I walked down into town, and back via the prom, so I could sit on benches like old ladies have to. The dogs weren't being too naughty, and I'd managed to buy all I wanted from town, and posted a parcel, so although it took me twice as long as it used to..it was sucessful, and the rain was very kind, it waited until about 3 minutes after getting in..then chucked it down, hard.
Now..it's quiet here..I have some Ozric Tentacles playing, and the youngest is playing on a PC game, while chatting to his gf. The older two are out, one on a date, one at Rock Nite.

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