Saturday, 31 March 2012


I'm sure everyone has regrets.
Here's one of mine, it's a silly one, might make you smile
I regret buying a white "soft touch" dressing gown.
Why? I hear you ask.
After being worn more than twice it looks grubby, and it seems to spend more time being washed than being worn. I seriously wish I'd never bought it.
I am wondering whether to dye it a lovely shade of purple, as then it won't show look as grubby as quickly as it does now.
That aside, it is one of the warmest dressing gowns i have ever had since being an adult.

Oh! and despite being divorced I neither regret ever marrying, or getting divorced. Do wish I'd done it sooner, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.
I don't regret getting married in the first place, as if I hadn't married who I did, I wouldn't have my three lovely children, OK...all grown up now, but wouldn't be without them.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Cars without insurance

Apparently the government are "clamping down" on uninsured why are there two that show up as uninsured parked on the street where I live?
I have no argument with people having cars...but the uninsured cars are putting up the insurance for all the law abiding people. Why should I pay a stupid amount of insurance to keep my car on the road...when I hardly use it...but keep it insured..when idiots have cars that are uninsured?
I am currently rethinking if I should "downgrade" my car so the insurance isn't as much.......but am annoyed that people have cars that are not insured and they seem to think it is OK to keep them on the road!
Our society is not geared up for people who abide by the rules...and it is about time it changed

To paraphrase another blogger's "tag" line
Change the world, by making the rules fair and consistent

Thursday, 22 March 2012

useless equipment!

Part of my job is to send orders for equipment, etc that the department I work for needs.
Last Friday one of the teachers came to my "hidey-hole" (office is FAR to grand a name for it...after all,....I am sat in the stock cupboard.) He gave me a piece of Maths equipment and announced, these are no use at all!
I was tired and didn't get what he I looked..and saw that what he had said was useless is actually that.
It was a protractor....but not an ordinary one, it was a solid coloured one......and because of it's solid colour nature, totally useless.
I looked at orders I had sent since I have worked for Maths, and couldn't find the order for I presume that the order predates when I have been in Maths. In fact I had ordered protractors in July last year, but only 50...not 100.
The head of the Maths faculty decided he would give them out to "deserving" pupils...whether they deserve a good laugh...or just deserve taking the Mickey from them remains to be seen.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

gripe about our government

And who hasn't got a gripe about our "lovely" government?
Around two years ago....I thought that I would be eligible for retirement at 60 years the last 18-24 months this has gone up to 67/68 for me...the same length of time again.
I did see me retired and looking after grandchildren once or twice a week, but now all I see is me being too worn out to do anything but keep up with my housework.
I know this sounds like I am wallowing in self pity, but I have one degenerative condition...and I seriously can't see me being able to carry on working until I am 67/68 years we have to stay in work longer...where are the jobs for the students leaving school coming from? They won't be there, because people who should have qualified for their pensions are STILL working.
Mind you..on the plus side...time seems to go faster for me these days.
And if my grandchildren arrive before their grandma is able to care for least once a week...I apologise in advance....I truly wanted to be there for you...look after you how to bake..have some fun with you.....but by the time we spend time together...I'll be your annoying Grandma who you HAVE to go visit! Sorry on so many levels

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Why bother asking?

Why do some people ask other people's opinions, and then go ahead and do as they planned, without taking into consideration the responses they got?
Or is it just my family thinking that what I think doesn't matter?
Do they just ask me, because it is expected of them?
They never take any notice of the responses they get from me.
I don't mean my children, I mean my siblings.
It always upsets me so much ...they used to push me about so they got what they wanted when we were young, doesn't seem to have changed with age.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

been brave?

I have just replaced the bathroom pull switch, and a light bulb.
I know it doesn't sound very brave, but when I come out in a cold sweat climbing up a ladder, spending more than a couple of minutes up there is brave for me.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Going to have to visit the vet

I hadn't noticed, but you don't if you see someone or something every day. Spark has lost a lot of weight. It looks like I'll have to visit the vet with him, apart from the weight loss, he seems OK in himself. Now I've had it pointed out, am imagining all sorts.