Monday, 31 December 2012


Started pretty innocuously.
Nothing much doing.
Then February came around...Aunty Sylvia, Mum's twin came over to UK, from France, as it was cousin David's 50th.  She had heart problems and was admitted to Blackpool Vic .
My Dad died, the day before Oliver's 23rd birthday.
Baby, Amelia May Hooson was born....on time..a first for a Hooson, on 2nd March 2012.  Just a few minutes before Dad's funeral.
April, Ann was 50.
May, not much.
June, Samantha was 25.
July..again nothing much here, but Olympics started.
August, same as July.
September, Edwin left for Carlisle to study/read illustration.  First time properly, I was left alone or more than 24 hours.
October, Mum's first birthday without Dad around, plus Ofsted in at work.
November...just flew by. least I saw Oliver and Edwin over the festive season.

Happy New Year!

And I hope despite the year ending in 13, that it will be a better year for everyone

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Post Yule/Christmas

Well, it's all over for another year.
I hope everyone got what they wanted
Seeing as I didn't particularly want anything, it was nice to get what gifts I did.
Oliver, had been on my Amazon wish list and plucked things from it.  A Symphonic Jean Michel Jarre, and a couple of books about English language.  For two of my three years at uni I took English Language alongside, Literature and Creative Writing.  I dropped it in the third year in favour of Creative Writing. I wish there had been a way to carry all three on.  When you study English Language and it's roots it is very useful if you have an understanding of other languages as well, as you can see where the words that we use in everyday language have come from different roots, due to us being invaded constantly until 1066.  I won't bore you with any more of this.
Other things I got, a whistle/bird call shaped like an owl, an owl handbag, a jigsaw, loads of sweets, liquorice, fudge, drumstick lollies.  I did get a couple of boxes of chocolates, but they were from people at work who don't seem to have noticed that I don't eat chocolate, but I still appreciate the though and will share the sweets with others.
Samantha managed to track down a copy of a Tom Holt book that I had only been able to get for my Kindle, this one isn't signed, but it means, I think, that I now have all his comic novels.
I finished seasonal knitting on Christmas Day and took John, Samantha's partner, his scarf last night and stayed for a short while at their party.
There is one weird thing that has happened.  I have lost some weight! :O, not much, but it is now obvious to me that I definitely "comfort" eat when I am alone, so need to do something about that.
This has meandered around for long enough, so I'll sign off.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Amazon spies on you!

Not the mighty river in South America, but the online retailer.
It's true.
You decide to price up an item and within a couple of days you'll get a friendly e-mail along the lines of.
"Hey! You were looking for X on our site.  Here it is again, and some suitable alternatives."
I wonder how many people, after getting one of those e-mails, goes back to Amazon and buys the product?
It seems like spying to me, or having an over enthusiastic sales person following you around saying, "Hey, I'm still here and willing to help you with a purchase, should you wish to make one."
I'm sure if I think about it long enough a poem might form around this.
Anyway, Happy Christmas, Seasons Greetings to all my followers.  I just might post again today, I'm not decided as yet.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Am I too soft-hearted?

In the past, sometimes , even though I haven't had much cash, if anyone asked me if I could "lend" them some money, I usually have obliged. 
Now, perhaps I being naive, but when I went to school, "lend" meant that you would get what ever item was on loan back.  I lost some very good cookery books in this way.
It's not just money, books have similarly been loaned, only for me never to see them again.
So why when I usually don't say no if someone asks for a loan of some kind do I feel guilty about asking anyone for a loan of anything, or even some help?
My point here might seem a little obscure, until I clarify things by saying that my monthly income has shrunk over the past few months, and although I knew it was coming, I didn't realise just how much income I would be down by.  I could have worked it out, just didn't think about it.  So until I get used to things, money is a bit tighter than usual.  So I don't need things happen like they did yesterday. I was driving back from getting my haircut, in the rain, when my wipers packed up on me.  I knew it wasn't the fuse due to a noise I heard prior to them ceasing to work, so I drove, very carefully to the garage where I take my car, as it was closer than home on my journey.  A rod has "come off" or snapped, I don't know which, and it is going to cost around £40-£50.  I do have the money, but I like to keep a "safety net" in my bank account, in case of emergencies.  Ah, well. 
Back to the original point.  I did lend someone around £500, which they promised they would pay back.  I could really do with it now, it would make things a lot easier, but I think they have forgotten completely.
Right now I am telling myself I will never loan anyone anything again, but I know deep down I probably will, given the right circumstances

Monday, 17 December 2012

Cheshire Cat Moon

Around ....must be twenty years ago now. My two eldest and I were sat in our car waiting for their Dad to come out of work.  One of them said that the moon looked like the Cheshire Cat's mouth, (as in the Disney film, Alice in Wonderland, they'd been watching it on video.)  I wrote this poem because of that comment.  Tonight there was a "Cheshire Cat Moon" again, and it reminded me of the time when my children were young.
So here it is, the poem....

Cheshire Cat Moon
Cheshire cat moon
Grinning in the sky.
Why’s he grinning?
He’s eaten the pie.
Then he curled up
Had a little dream,
Woke up again
And ate all the cream.
Cheshire cat moon
Grinning in the sky
When Mum finds out
I’ll be the one to cry
She’ll not believe
That you are real
Call me, “little liar!”
A smack is what I’ll feel.
Cheshire cat moon
Grinning in the sky
Growing bigger and bigger
Night after night
The food you steal
On nights clear and still.
Food people leave
On their windowsill.
Cheshire cat moon
Grinning in the sky
Green cheese diet
Is one you’ll never try?

I am quite pleased with the poem, but it also makes me think back to when both my children and I were so much more innocent.

Saturday, 15 December 2012


I think my last post might have captured some of this
But..........Now there is only me here
Tiz lonely!
I lost the best significant other in my life over two years ago, and despite being egged on from others to "find someone else!"  I can't....
The person I lost might come back, and until I know he won't I am in limbo
So.................. being me right now is so tough....

It's hard

I never realised how hard this would be!
In September my youngest went to Uni
I knew there would be a financial change....what I hadn't seen was the mental change......................
I suppose if you are part of a couple and the last child "flies the nest" you have the support of your "other half"
However, if you are one prepares you for the sense of loss.
It is nearly the Winter Break and I know that my "children" might come home for Yule..but I understand if they need to be long as they just tell me this.
Similarly, I am ready for any extra visitors.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Chancellor's Autumn speech

Yes, today the Chancellor of the Exchequer is going to be making his Autumn speech.  (Or mini budget if you prefer.)
Is it too much to hope that he might take some measures that will ensure the lower paid don't lose out yet again. 
In the past years he might have given us a higher level of pay before we start paying tax, but this has been simply gobbled up by the increases elsewhere.
For example, domestic fuel prices have climbed, meaning that it costs more to heat your house in winter, and light it, and even do basic stuff like cook, preserve food, (in the fridge,) etc. The increases in fuel duty, along with the fuel companies puts up the price of food in the shop, as the cost of delivering food to the shops increases.
I'm sure the shops themselves must have bigger overheads due to power price increases.  These are all passed on to the consumer.
Why can't they see that it just creates a vicious circle?
Food prices have climbed quite a lot in the past few years, so the average lower paid employee ends up using most of their wage to be able to survive. Or is it a plot, to return the lower paid/ working classes back to the state the country was in a 100 years ago?  I don't have any answers, but hitting the little people can't be gaining the government very much.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


I just have to comment on this.
After I had finishd my previous post, I used the "spellchecker" to ensure I hadn't made any spelling boo-boos.
It highlighted one word which surprised me.
Blogger spellcheck does not recognise blog as a word.  You'd think it would, or would you?


I was very surprised to read this article.
Apparently "cash strapped Bits" can't afford to eat healthily.
I'm sorry, but it should say lazy Brits can't afford to eat healthily. During my adult life there have been several times when cash has been tight, but I have always been able to put a decent meal on the table.
I will hazard a guess that it a question of priorities.
When I was young, my parents weren't flush, but they got by. Mum and Dad's first priority was that we ate well.  This was put before other luxuries.  There was always enough food, even if we didn't have the latest trend in clothes, or any other consumer "must haves", that are only "must haves" due to advertising bombardment for the particular product.
I am so glad my parents had this outlook on life, as it rubbed off on me.
At one time whilst I was married my husband was made redundant, and it was a good three months before we were in a position where we absolutely had to go shopping for store cupboard staples, thanks to a chest freezer and a garage where we stocked sacks of veg, and fruit.  We also grew veg in our garden, and soft fruits.
All the meals I made were from basic ingredients, the only tinned products I regularly used were tinned tomatoes, and my children did like the occasional meal of baked beans.
It is a myth that baking meals from scratch is expensive.  Granted setting up a store cupboard takes time and doesn't happen over night, but I suspect the people who opt for ready meals are lazy, or were not brought up with the same basic principles I was.
In answer to your question, did I take cookery as an exam subject, the answer is no. Taking food/cookery as an exam is a whole different blog post.
The government have scrapped their "license to cook scheme" which is a great pity.  Our food teacher still follows the rough guidelines, but then again, she was on the right track before it was introduced. Again, another topic for another post.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Well isn't that what they are employed for?

A couple of days ago I heard an announcement on the local radio.  It made me think, must be a slow news day.  The announcement was concerning the county's road gritters.  It said something along the lines of "The county's gritters are ready for action"
Am I being pedantic here?
Surely that is what the gritters are for?
To be ready for action in case of icy road conditions?
If that is correct, why feel the need to announce it on the news?
I know some people might say, but we were caught out by the cold snap last winter.
It seems to me that every November we get a spell of prolonged icy road conditions, usually around a week. It should be no surprise to the council, who surely look at long range weather forecasts.
It's like announcing after a school holiday that school crossing patrols will be ready for action.  It is what is expected from the job, or even "teachers are prepared to teach the children in this coming term/half term"
Perhaps the radio announcer had been to a course of "stating the obvious classes" and wished to put them to use.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

American Election

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed how vehement the supporters and opposition of the two parties are?
For example, Donald Trump calling the re-election of Obama a travesty, not just in private, but on TV.  My friend, Blue, said she'd heard of one business man who was going to close down his business if Obama was reelected.
I'm sure no-one here is in the same class of nuttiness.
When our election comes around again, do you think there will be nutters coming out of the woodwork in support or against any of our potential PMs?  No, me neither.  After all to deserve such devotion, the person needs to be a strong character, and I don't think we've had one of those since Margaret Thatcher.  A "nice" persona seems to be the blueprint for our potential PM's.  Although I do think it would be fun if Boris Johnson decided to stand as an MP.  Just imagine what a field day the media would have, and Boris, I don't  think he'd mind.  Mind you, I would expect Boris Johnson to stand for the raving loony party, and not the conservatives.
(No disrespect to Boris, I admire the man.)  Plus could you imagine him having a regular audience with the Queen?  No, me neither.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Knickers! many of you out there have bought a pack of 3/4/5 pairs of knickers  only to find that at least one pair has substandard sewing?
Then take into account how many of us say anything!
I have two sons, and to my knowledge they have never suffered the same problem!
Hey....knicker makers...if we pay for a pack of 3/4/5 we expect ALL pairs to be serviceable, not a percentage of them!
Quit making substandard knickers...the workers of this country can't afford it

Friday, 2 November 2012

Is it winter yet?

Ok, autumn half term is almost over, and I think there has been one totally dry day. It has also gone colder, but is it going to stop cold?
I wish I knew.  I need to prune Bertie Budelia, but if I do it and it warms up again he'll bounce back .
You see, the temperature says it's getting colder, yet my azaleas and geraniums all have new growth on them.  This year has been like at least two mini years and I don't wonder that the plants are not sure what is happening.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Gardener wanted!

Apparently the Queen needs a new gardener!  I heard this on Classic FM this morning.
However when they mentioned the pay my first thought was "that's a bit rubbish!"  Yet on reflection perhaps 15K/year is not too bad a wage for a gardener, provided they are not expected to have a rake of paper qualifications.
And then I got to thinking, no-one would think that was a low wage if it wasn't working for the Queen, but why should she pay a higher wage?  Many of you, as was my first thought would argue that she can afford to pay more, but perhaps she gives realistic wages for normal posts.  After all the escalating wages are surely one of the reasons that this country is struggling economically?
I can understand that people who work in London get a slightly higher wage as things are more costly there, but surely if people were not so greedy, financially, a "London Allowance" would not be necessary, as prices would be uniform-ish.
I think that 15K/year is a decent wage for a gardener, plus if the gardener ever left he/she could say that they had worked for the Queen, a surely there could be no higher recommendation than that?

One other thing this brought to mind is my Grandad, (Mum's Dad,) who after retiring did some light gardening to supplement his pension.  Also, in his garden is the place I remember my Grandad most.  I wonder if Queen's gardener is a job he would have liked? If so she would have had pansies, chrysanthemums, fruit bushes, a greenhouse heaving with lovely aromatic fruit, with a budding peach tree tucked away near the greenhouse boiler, oh and champagne rhubarb.  (apparently Grandad didn't like the taste so poured the bottle on his rhubarb, and Grandma said it made the rhubarb sweeter.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Not sure how to title this post

It's Mum's birthday next month, and I knew I hadn't got a card as yet, so decided to buy one today when I was out.
I am usually very definite about what I want in a card, but as I looked at each one I just got more and more upset.  All the verses said lovely stuff about what a special person the recipient was, but nearly all of them said in one way or another that the sender hoped their wishes came true, or they had every happiness on their birthday.  It just upset me so much, and is doing as I'm typing this.
If you follow my blog, you will know that my Dad died in February, and to me I think Mum will never be completely happy again, and her wish would be to have Dad there with her.  That is why I haven't bought a conventional card, and I don't think a funny one is appropriate.
I was fortunate though, as I asked the lady on the market stall if they had any blank cards.  I explained why. They had an assortment of cards, some blank, some saying thinking of you and some saying best wishes.
I know Mum's birthday will be difficult for her this year, and I had no wish to make it any more difficult.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I've lifted this from Facebook

  I lifted the above from Facebook.  It intrigued me.
Right and wrong can sometimes just be a case of perspective.  Everyone from whatever country they live in believe that their soldiers are fighting for "right".
I'm not saying that extremists are right in their thinking. 
Ways of life, and in some countries religious beliefs can make people fight against others. And the soldiers in the armies are not always there by choice.  Even in this day and age there are countries that have mandatory military service.  These people may not agree with the reason their country is fighting, but will probably face the alternative of prison if they refuse to comply.
It would be lovely to live in a world where there is no fighting going on, but as long as some countries think they have a right to impose their will on others fighting will continue.

I know this post is not my normal sort of post, but it made me think, and my conclusion was there will probably always be fighting as each side usually believes that they are right.  It would be lovely for things to be settled by "talks" and "summits", but frankly I can never envisage that happening.

Let me know if you go to watch it.

On Friday of this week in the UK there is a film being released, Anna Karenina.
I did think I would like to watch it, but am now having doubts.
My copy of the novel is a massive 849 pages of small point print, about a 10. So it's a densely packed book. come the film is less than two hours long?
Pe3rhaps I should go to watch it to find out why.  Or maybe I would be so disappointed that they have missed so much out.
I was thinking it might be 2 and 1/2 to 3 hours long, but with screenings less than two hours apart, it can't possibly be longer than two.
Anyway, if you have seen it, or intend watching it, let me know what you think of it, please.  Also, if you've read Anna Karenina, let me know if it is faithful to the book, although being such a brief film I can't see it being.

Monday, 3 September 2012


If you follow my craft blog, Fidgetty Fingers, you'll know that there have been lots of people having babies who I know, mostly colleagues, but also, my nephew's wife, and a few neighbours, or their son's partners
Even when my own children were babies, and before that I have always been cautious and never bigged up how bonny, how clever or how anything mine were.  And I will never say that a baby is bonny if I don't think so.  I won't say it's ugly, just won't comment.
Does that make me a horrible person?

I've just seen a friend, and she has been telling me how bonny her grandchild is, and how clever, and how much she likes her food, etc.  The baby in question was born 5-6 weeks premature and should be roughly the same age as my great niece, Amelia.  I might be wrong, but I always thought that premature babies were considered to be at the developmental stage at which they should have been if they were full term.  What I mean is, Amelia is six months old, and her parents are slowly introducing solids into her diet and have been from around four months, as recommended.  Surely, the baby that was born premature should only be at the same stage, if they were both due around the same date?  And Amelia was a rare baby in that she actually landed on her due date by natural birth, not Caesarian.
Is what I always thought wrong, and it's OK to ignore the fact the baby was premature?  And give it solids from four months after it's birth.
And yes, I know I'm biased, but Amelia is a very bonny baby, the other one is not.

Things we did in the school holidays, part 4

Silver Ether is to blame for me writing this post.  She posted a photo of a "den", like kids used to build in the days before parents weren't paranoid about potential child abductors on facebook. 
You know, the good old days?
During the autumn half term break all the kids where I lived would collect firewood, and anything people no longer had a use for, so long as it would burn, for their bonfire.
Where I lived, most of the houses had at least two kids most had three or more.  Sometimes we would gather bonfire "wood" in a groups, usually we would gather with our adjoined neighbours kids, but not the ones on the other side.
As you can appreciate, there was only so much material available, so once we had gathered all we could, we would make "raids" on each others stashes of bonfire "wood".  We never seemed to catch anyone raiding our stash, probably because we were busy raiding their stash.
Any way, sooner or later we would all decide to pool our stash to make one big bonfire, which we would take days building on the empty land at end of the row of houses. When building the bonfire we always made sure there was a den in the middle of it.  For a couple of reasons, so that the older kids had somewhere to "hang out" for a while, and so that before the bonfire was eventually lit on November 5th it could be filled with quick to burn items so that the bonfire took light easily.
An adult usually put the stuff in the space, so there was never any chance of some of the older kids being burnt in the bonfire.
The bonfire was always amazing, and nearly always smoldered for a couple of days afterwards.
All the parents contributed some food to be shared around, potatoes would be put around the edge of the bonfire before it was lit, and although Bonfire Night was rarely at weekends we would always light the bonfire on the 5th of November, with most parents, contributing fireworks, and the Dads supervising the lighting of the fireworks.
I suppose it was an organised bonfire, of sorts, but it never started out as one.

And on the subject of "Dens".  I used to have one at one of my Grandma's house's.  There was a lilac bush in the field that formed part of Grandma's garden, and it was hollowed in the middle.  I suppose it was three or four lilac bushes really.  Anyway, that was my den, I would go hide in the middle of it when I wanted to get away from my brother and sister, usually with a book.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

A warning!

Although my journey to Kendal was cheap and fairly swift, I would say this.
During my journey I had to share my double seat with another. Two were OK, but the third....I truly wish they had found a seat elsewhere!  I do not smoke and the stench of smoking turns my much so that when I got off the bus I vomited due to sitting next to a heavy smoker.
In the past us non-smokers have had to put up with this....can we change it now?    who knows?
As I was going to hospital for a medical procedure, that  asked me not to eat, surely not vomiting was alongside it?

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Yesterday I went to the Westmorland General Hospital to have a subtalar joint injection.
I went up on the bus using an Explorer tickets. I'm not sure how far South you can go with one of these lovely tickets, but I think you can go up to Carlisle using one. The cost the princely sum of £10. Seeing as the journey from the stop near me into Lancaster would have cost £2.50-ish one way, although I normally buy a Day Rider if going into Lancaster, as it is cheaper than a return ticket. I think it would have cost more than £7.50 to Kendal.  I could have used this ticket to return home again, but Patient Transport brought me back home. 
As with most hospital visits it was mostly about waiting around until it was my turn.  The actual injection, including a local took around 15-20 minutes, and that is being conservative in time, I'm sure it took less.
I've to keep a diary of how my ankle feels and take it with me to my follow-up out-patient appointment in three months time. If it has worked, and I have much less discomfort than last time I had a steroid injection, and acts as a painkiller for me, it can be repeated. This is good for me as I am very limited in what painkillers I can take due to having Asthma and a bad reaction/allergy to opium based painkillers. (so even cocodamol is a no-no for me.)
I'm feeling OK today, the joint is a bit achy, but then having something injected into a joint is bound to be.

Also, Spark was 11 yesterday, in human years.  How many that makes him in dog years I'm not sure, I'm pretty sure it isn't a straight 7 for every one of our years.  I'll have a look online. He's 57!
The calculation is not as straight forward as I thought you can find it here.  That is not so bad, because if it was straight 7, he'd be 77 and he doesn't act that old.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Jobs I have done, part 1

Not all these posts will be in chronological order, but this one is.
The very first paid job I had was one which has been taken over by a machine.
As a family we moved to Catterall in the June of 1974.  My first paid job was in the half-term holiday and I think a couple of weekends around that time of year.
I went around to the local farm shop for some veg for Mum and was asked if I might be interested in helping get the potato crop up.  I would be paid for my work.  After asking what equipment I needed, none but my hands, and clothing, something that didn't matter if it got dirty, I said yes.
It wasn't easy work and at the end of a day spud picking I would be dirty and tired, but better off.  In those days the tractor would turn over the rows of potatoes, loosening them from the soil.  The spud picker's job was to work their way along the rows picking the potatoes from the soil.  I found that there were many lying under the surface as well, but some of the other people picking only picked the ones they could see on the surface.
My sister decided that she wanted to earn some money as well, and asked if she could come along as well. I don't remember her turning up every time.
It's not a job teenagers can do any more in this country, as there are now machines which turn the soil over, put it on a conveyor belt and the potatoes are sorted mechanically from the soil, although I suppose you can still potato pick in some less well off countries.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Jobs I have done, intro.

I have had a varied work life with some very funny moments, as most people have had.
I thought it might make a suitable post topic.  So I'm going to tell you a little about jobs I have had in the past, and maybe a bit about my present one as well.  I'll also write a bit about the most important job I consider myself to have, one which might possibly run and run, alongside other employment.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Why don't they listen?

Just had a phone call from AA insurance.
Now, I do have my house and contents insurance with them, so a call from them wasn't completely out of the blue.
However, my insurance is due in late June and I have renewed for this year.
When I get a call that doesn't respond after I have said "Hello", I always wait for the other person to speak, after all conversation is about turn taking, and telephone calls are purely conversation.
So, I waited for a response, when it wasn't immediate I realised that it might be a cold caller and continued to wait. Eventually, it was probably only a few seconds, but it seems like ages, the person asked to speak to a specific person, it was me they wanted to speak to, but I always ask, "in connection with what?"  I was then told that it was the AA and they wanted to speak about my house insurance, as I put above, have already renewed for this year, so I just said "And?"
The woman on the other end then said she had noticed that I haven't taken out their household emergency package, and was just about to start on her spiel when I stopped her.
I pointed out I was offered this when I renewed, and declined then, and again within a week of renewing when I was called again, and the other two times when they had called. I asked her which bit of "no, I'm not interested isn't clear?" She was then very apologetic and said she would take my name off the list, and I shouldn't get any more calls about it.
I sincerely hope I won't get a call again.  My phone rings rarely enough without it being people trying to sell me stuff that I truly don't want.
I don't know about you, but if I want a specific product, I will research possible suppliers, suss out the best and call them.  I am not going to impulse buy insurance.  For me impulse buying is getting a "treat" when I go grocery shopping...or as on Tuesday, an absolute bargain that I would be a fool to ignore.  Such as a pair of Doc Marten boots at half recommended retail price, which is what I did buy on Tuesday, and when they are the only thing I can walk in, not really so much of an impulse, just taking advantage of a great offer.
Incidental, these are the boots, only mine are leather, and they cost less than the price displayed

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Equipment for university

I think I might have got most of the stuff that Edwin needs to take with him to university in September now.
Today I have been buying him some more kitchen stuff.
two knives, a small  one and a larger one. Decided to buy Sabatier ones as they were only slightly dearer and they are guaranteed for 15 years.
Kitchen shears, for chopping stuff in the kitchen when a knife just won't do.
Two wooden spatulas and a wooden spoon.
Oven gloves
roasting tin

That was all on a trip to Asda.  I have bought other stuff such as a wok, frying pan, steamer, , and loads of other kitchen things.
Edwin is going in self catering halls.
Bedding, towels, etc will be sorted out from home, and I bought him a stash of sketchbooks so that he doesn't have to worry about trying to find some.  I bought him 6 Fat Eco Pigs size A4, and six A3 ones and a normal thickness A2 sketchbook as well. The sketchbooks are from a company called The Pink Pig in Huddersfield, school where I work get there's from the same company which is how I knew where to get them from.  (I have been Art technician at one point.) A lot of his art equipment lives in stacking boxes when not being used so it will just be a case of making sure that what he wants to take with him is in the boxes.

I know I'll miss Edwin, but I know that he will thoroughly enjoy his time at uni and might miss me a little bit, but he is starting out on his adult life.  A thing that all of us have to do at one time or another in their life.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Apt song to say goodbye?

Some of the team GB athletes have done a fun song as a goodbye to the Olympics London 2012
here it is
I think it's really funny.
So where are China and the USAs cheesy tribute songs?

Monday, 13 August 2012

Automated answering services...argh!

I'm sure I'm not alone in this particular gripe.
How many of you have dialled a number on the phone to be greeted by a multichoice menu?
Annoying isn't it?
The recording then gives you a range of options, which it kindly will repeat, "just press star", if you are not sure which you want. Some then go on to a sub menu, and I have rung one number which then went to a third menu.
Eventually, you get through, or think you have, only to be greeted by another recording telling you how much they value your call, and they will be with you as soon as a line is free...Cue piped music on a loop.  Sometimes the music isn't too bad, but if the music falls into that category, it is usually constantly interrupted by a voice saying how much your call is valued, ad nauseum.  You begin to give up the will to live.  You might be like I am sometimes, and start talking back to the voice, or singing along with the music.
It's now at least 5 minutes since you decided to make a quick call, and there is still no sign of getting to speak to a human.
By now your grasp on reality is becoming tenuous to say the least.  At this point I am usually telling the voice that if my call is so important to them, then why doesn't someone answer it....and it's at this point you get through to someone.
And sometimes they can't help you, and have to put you on "hold" whilst they check something out who knows more.,  Hold on...why can't the person with the knowledge answer the phone?
I have been known to interrupt them at this point and tell them how long I have already been on the line, and suggest that they hang up, find out what I need to know and they call me back.  It sometimes works, but not many are open to this suggestion, after all the person you are speaking to has one function in life, and that is to answer phones, not find things out and make phone calls.
This whole process drives me around the bend, and I'm sure that if a comic writer, such as Tom Holt or Jasper Fforde were to introduce something like this into a book, (were it not already in existence,) people would think they had gone a step too far, and recommend a stay in a nice room with soft walls, and maybe a coat with extra long sleeves to prevent them hurting themselves inadvertently.

And what is my point here?
A very simple one. What is wrong with the engaged tone these days? You remember, or maybe you aren't old enough.  There used to be a time when if you dialled a phone number, it rang, and you got gave an engaged tone, so you rang back later.  Oh, and large firms would have someone on a switchboard, answering calls.  These switchboard operators were generally very helpful and if the person was busy, they would know roughly how long for, as they were usually the receptionist as well.  And these lovely people would suggest when would be a good time to try ringing again.  These calls usually took around a minute if the person was not available.  You weren't subjected to rubbish music and inane recordings. 

Things we did in the school holidays, part 3

Before we moved to Lancashire in 1974 there was something we did at least once, even in the week long holidays, and many more times during the longer holidays.
When we were too young to stop home on our own we would go to our Grandma's for the week. Mum's Mum one week, Dad's Mum the next. 
To give Grandma a little bit of a break, at least once a week we would go swimming.  Mum worked in Glossop so would take us and drop us by Woods baths, which I believe are still there.  We would swim until our numbers were called, then get out.  After getting dressed again, and maybe having a hot chocolate if we had some change for one, we would set off back to Grandma's house. It never seemed to rain, or perhaps we didn't care.  We would walk home from the baths, a distance of at least 3 miles, further to our Grandma on Dad's side.  The walk wasn't a relatively flat one as many are in this part of Lancashire, but one of hills.  Like I said, we would do this at least once, sometimes twice a week.
These days parents worry abut their children meeting with untrustworthy characters, and therefore do not let them do things like this.  Perhaps that is a contributory factor as to why more children these days are overweight.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

everybody's talking about it, or are they?

I haven't quite finished it yet.  But it is nowhere near as racy as people think.  And let's be honest it's mostly men who are thinking that women are reading something sexy.  I have seen one of my friends on facebook comment, "What is wrong with me getting Razzle, if women are reading 50 Shades? "   I could have told him, but I won't.  But real as against fictional comes into it.
It's an easy read, but being frank, I have read much "racier" books, and so much better written as well.

Have you read it? Or daren't you admit reading it?  What did you think of the book?
E L James has topped J K Rowling as fastest selling author, but only as fastest selling, I'm sure J K Rowling's books have better crafted plots.


Slowly but surely I have been getting things for Edwin, for when he goes off to uni in September.
Sketchbooks ...bought
Kitchen equipment....nearly all got
Bedding and towels....well, I have plenty, he can take some from here, after all, I'm hardly likely to need all the towels I have when there's only me in the house.I think I'll be looking after Finny for him though, as he won't be able to take him to self-catering halls.  And Spark can't go with him, even though Spark is Edwin's dog. That's good really, it means I'll still have the dogs for company.

Friday, 10 August 2012


I'm feeling very restless.  Last night I had trouble getting to sleep, I woke early.  Now I'm feeling jumpy.
I've taken Spark to the vet's for a procedure.  They might be able to do it with him conscious, but I have had to give my permission for them to sedate him in case they have to. There's always a risk with sedation, and that is why I'm being nervous.
He didn't understand why he didn't have his usual bedtime biscuit or why he wasn't allowed any food this morning, and Shadow is sticking closer to me.  She probably wonders what I have done with Spark.
I did tell them what was happening, but it wouldn't have meant anything, after all, they are dogs.  They are both intelligent dogs, but if it's not food, exercise or company I am sure they wouldn't have known what I was saying. waiting for the phone to ring, although they did say it might be about 2-3 pm before I can collect Spark.

Spark is back now. A bit subdued and has only one visible scrape on him, and now Shadow is not following me around.  I feel a lot happier.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Sour grapes?

I wonder if this is just sour grapes, because of team GBs successes?
Why can't spectators be glad for the competitors who do well?  They have all worked hard.  And all deserve praise, fault finding when another team does well is just not British! But neither are the people complaining.

The Fawlty Towers of UK supermarkets

For those of you who are in the dark about Fawlty Towers, just watch this short YouTube video.
I'll give you a moment.
Watched it yet?
What you are watching others now?
Ok, I'll come back later.

Ah! you're back now.  Good, now you know what I mean by Fawlty Towers. 
Here in the UK we have several supermarket chains, and some are high end, for the people who have more money than sense, some are mainstream, and some are cheaper supermarkets.'s not one of the cheaper supermarkets that I am dubbing the supermarket equivalent of Fawlty Towers, but a mainstream one. Ah, you know the ones I mean?   Good.  I'll narrow it down a bit without naming it.  This one is based in Yorkshire, and does not have a milk distribution subsidiary.  Got it?  OK
You probably want to know why I think this chain is the supermarket equivalent of Fawlty Towers.
  1. You approach a till, and sometimes have unpacked half your shopping onto the conveyor belt when the checkout person tells you, usually quite rudely, that the checkout is closed.  Bear in mind, there is no sign saying that, and today I had two identical items, would it have killed her?
  2. You ask where to find something in the store and unless you are lucky enough to happen upon a supervisor, you tend to get the answer. "That's not my section"  Don't these people shop in their own supermarket.
  3. You can wait at the kiosk to pay for something whilst the staff, fully aware you are there, will carry on their own conversation, then serve you, when they have finished.
  4. When going around the shop you take your life in your hands, as shop assistants filling shelves push unitainers of goods down aisles without looking where they are going, and no apology if the almost run you over.
  5. When outside  the supermarket you are in a similar situation as detailed in 4 above, only this time from the trolley collectors who blithely run their trolleys back to the places where they are kept without taking notice of shoppers, children or cars.
  6. The store shuts at ...let's say 8pm for arguments sake.  You only need one item, you know exactly where it is in the shop.  Yet at 7.45pm you are turned away from the shop. "We close at 8" no argument will get you in to get the one item you want.
  7. When I was in my early 20s, my boyfriend's brother applied for, and got the post of assistant manager.  This boy had left school with no qualifications, hadn't worked since leaving school, and could not spell his own middle name.  It's spelt Graham incidentally, not Greyum.  This must be a standard for their staff as most seem a little slow, and many of them surly as well. 
Like I said, I won't name the supermarket.  Why do I continue you to go there?  I can walk there, and they have a really good range of magazines.  I do only ever go for a few items and have never done an entire "shop" there, nor ever intend to.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Olympic question

Many people have said over the past couple of days....What an excellent team we would have if as much money was spent on other sports as there is on football.
I personally don't agree.
Because, although individual teams are good, the country's team doesn't get enough time to practise as a national team.  And I think this is the first time GB as opposed to the individual countries have taken part in an international football tournament.
The other thing is...England as a national team has not done too well despite them having money lavished on them.
We're British! We thrive when faced with challenges.  If things look like a forgone conclusion, as a nation, we have the recent past....made an absolute hash of things.
And as a throw away thought....if our competitors didn't have the challenge...would they get the support?  England football supporters have had bad press in the that what the other sports want?  Can you imagine hooligans at Hickstead? rowers supported by rabble? ....(now make up your own)
As I have put before, this is my opinion, and might not be anyone else's.  I do tend to go off at tangents.
That aside, well done all the GB athletes, whether you have gained a medal or not. In the true spirit of our school sports education, it's not the winning, it's the taking part that matters.  Seriously, well done ALL of you.

People are all different

I've just met up with a friend.  She has a very forceful way of looking at things.  When she enters into a relationship she expects a relatively high level of commitment from the outset, and said it is OK when you a tell a person that you love them to follow it up with the question, "Do you love me?"
Although I have every respect for my friend, I don't agree with her in this.  Putting the other party on the spot can make them back off, sometimes completely.  Until I started my current job I had spent most of my school and working life in male dominated  environments, and although men do not mind being told they are loved, they will say that they love a person, voluntarily, in their own good time.  Pushing for an answer can have the opposite to the wanted answer.
Or...perhaps that is just me.  Perhaps being fairly reserved myself, have only mixed with reserved men.  In my experience, and it isn't wide, a man telling a woman that he loves her very early in the relationship usually means that he wants only one thing from her, and saying he loves her will help him get it.
I know it takes all sorts to make the world go around, but demanding commitment after a few dates is a bit pushy in my book.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Testing at the Olympics

Instead of embarrassing the competitors when they have won.  Especially when they have pulled off an unexpected win.  Why don't they just routinely test all participating athletes prior to their events?  I know it might work out slightly more expensive in the long run, but do they have to wait until someone is accused, tested, and found not to have drugs in their system, and decide to sue before they do it that way around?
Testing all athletes  would then not single out any particular one, and would ensure that nobody won whilst using banned substances.

On a lighter note...I heard this on the radio earlier.  On Magic radio, Dangerous pointed out to DLT that we, the GB, seemed to be quite good at the "sitting down sports", such as rowing, horse riding, and cycling.  Well, it made me laugh.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Crime doesn't pay...or does it?

I've heard on the radio news that the government are thinking of educating convicted criminals in basic English and Maths, up to GCSE standard, so that they will stand a better chance of employment on leaving prison. 
These are people who have been convicted of a crime, and have already gone through our education system, and presumably failed it for one reason or another.  Yet, the government thinks it would be a good idea to educate the taxpayers expense.  I'm sorry but I see this as a reward.
If you want to take courses that result in an exam after leaving school, you have to pay.  Unless you have low income then you might get the course free.  So what I want to know is...why do the people who don't break the law have to pay if they want to take these courses, whilst law breakers are going to be offered them for free?
I know that basic literacy and numeracy courses are free, but they do not result in a qualification at the end of the course.
I think it can be declared official.  The government of this country has gone barking mad.  Or perhaps crime does pay.  What do you think?

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Has he tried using a mirror?

Apparently Karl Lagerfield  has been "firing broadsides" been "being nasty" "saying not nice things" about Adele, and now he has decided to comment about Pippa, yes, Pippa Middleton, for those who one word isn't enough.  And in that line, I'm sorry....but I have no idea what Adele's other name is.
Anyway, to me, and probably many others Pippa is a beautiful young woman.
Then I decided to do an image search for Karl Lagerfield, and this was the first image.
Does the man have a mirror?  Why hide behind sunglasses? Perhaps he's a vampire, as he appears dressed in the same fashion on most of the images that came up, even in an illustration of him.
To me he looks like an extra on a budget vampire film.  And , yes, I know I'm no oil painting, but I don't go around saying that very pretty young women should only be seen from behind, or perhaps he just has a thing about bottoms?  If that is the case he should make it crystal clear, and not let the media twist what he has to say.
But when all is said and done it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Things we did in the school holidays, part 2

During the early part of the summer holidays, before my family moved to Lancashire we lived in a village  "just" inside the Peak District, and the Pennines were just about all around.  Things grew later than they do here, and usually for the first week of the holidays we would spend time looking for Whimberries.  Unfortunately these were quite tasty and we only ever seemed to find enough...and bring them home to make a "saucer pie".  For the uninitiated, a saucer pie is what you make when the filling is in short supply.  My elder brother always tried to lay claim to the pie.  Not quite sure why, as he rarely came picking with us, and when he did he ate just as many as we did.

I've been asked for the recipe for the pie. It's just standard short crust pastry on a greased saucer, fill with fruit of choice, and then cover with another layer of pastry. Oh, and sweeten fruit to taste.   If I was very lucky Grandma would make a saucer strawberry pie for me on my birthday. :)

It's ever so quiet here.

Edwin has gone to Scotland for a couple of weeks to spend some time with Becki at her Dad's house.  Becki is working this summer, so we haven't seen so much of her.
It's awfully quiet here though, with just Spark, Shadow and Finny for company.  Finny isn't really much company though as he is Edwin's goldfish, so no in depth conversations with me and him.  I suppose I should start getting used to this, as in September Edwin goes away to university to study illustration. 
So if you catch me talking to myself, give me a nudge, after all don't want the men in the white coats coming to take me away.  Mind you, some might say that maintaining a blog is a sort of talking to yourself.  So perhaps I'm already part way towards going mad, who knows?

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Holiday so far

I'm on summer break from work at the moment. Haven't done much apart from read, knit and some housework.
Today though , I decided it was time I tried to get back swimming.  As I haven't been for such a long time.  I went at noon and managed to swim 16 lengths, which is quarter of a mile.  I didn't push myself for more, as I felt I needed to get used to swimming again.  The other reason being, I had walked there, so had to factor in the walk back home, so swimming until I was exhausted would have been a very bad move. 
I feel good , but now one of my knees feels like it wants to bend wrong way when I walk.
I hope I can keep it up.  There is really no good reason why I shouldn't swim more, apart from fitting it in, and the holiday seemed to be the best time to get into a routine about it.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

FIrst ever British winner!

I'd like to say congratulations to Bradley Wiggins for his Tour de France win.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Ok, what have you done with the butterflies?

For the last couple of years I have taken part in the butterfly count that is usually held around this time of year.
In my bit of the alleyway behind my house I have a Budleia, (butterfly bush,) and I didn't get chance to cut it back in March due to lots of other stuff going on.  So...Bertie the Butterfly bush is huge!  He's covered in wonderful smelling flowers, and not a butterfly in sight.  Only a handful of bees.  I'm loath to cut him back yet, because if the weather gets warmer, as the forecasters claim it will, we could have a later than usual show of butterflies.  There are hardly any bats about either, but this I suppose goes hand in hand with the lack of flying insects.
How about the butterfly situation near where you are? Have you seen many? What about Bats?
Another thing I've noticed is a lack of Swifts, again, they feed on airborne insects.

Quick update.
I have just seen the first butterfly of the summer on Bertie.  The tiniest butterfly I have ever seen. Not sure what sort it was.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Bending the truth for adverts?

Is it worth bending the truth for an advert, so that it catches the eye, and promotes the product?
Well, maybe.  But to me they shouldn't portray something that is out of kilter...unless it is completely out of kilter.
The one which is annoying me at the moment is the Specsavers Advert.  The one where a couple in a car arrive to catch a ferry, and end up on an aircraft carrier.
I know that the tagline is "Should have gone to Specsavers", but civilian and military docks are not shared in this country.  So there really is no way they could have ended up on the deck of an aircraft carrier.
I am quite happy for the British Gas men , (are they all men in the vans...another post...sexist advert?) to zip around an imaginary space where everyone lives on their own personal planet...but it is quite obvious that it is fantasy, similarly the talking kitchen and household appliances in I think it is Scottish Power's advert. 
Can the advert makers please remember to get some facts correct.  I could see some people worrying when their family goes off to catch a ferry, warning them not to drive onto any waiting aircraft carriers.  And the people who would say that , would not believe it was impossible to do.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

You can't choose your relatives

Lats evening I had a call from one of my aunty's.
We chatted OK about this and that.
Then I mentioned my lovely friend who left two years ago.
She was OK with that...until I mentioned that he was not from the UK.
***Hides head in hands***
I'd completely forgotten her response to one of my cousins marrying a man whose mother was a true West Indian!
The conversation went quite well until I mentioned my very special friend is not from UK, tyhen it was...."Be Careful!" Etc.
The reaction is even more hurtful to me as I have been subject to "racial abuse", despite being from UK.
I can only excuse my Aunty because that is how she was brought up...and has lived in a rare ified "white community " since she married. With her husband a successful banker, and living in the better off places.
However, it seriously upset me to be warned away from the most lovely man I have  met, just because he isn't a UK born person

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Things we did in the school holidays, part 1

I don't know about you, but the summer break from school doesn't feel like as long as it was when I was at school.  Even though it is actually a week longer, we only used to get 5 weeks, unless you went to the local grammar, in which case you had 6 weeks.  I didn't go to school here until I was almost 14 and even those holidays seemed to stretch out forever.
So...what did you do to pass the time during school holidays?
One thing we used to do, especially if it was a wet/cold necessarily summer...was  that we would "do" jigsaws
I don't know if the British are peculiar in the way they do jigsaws.  That is make the picture up and then after it is finished and has been admired for the appropriate length of time,  (I think this was in direct proportion to how long it had taken to complete.)  We would break it up and put it back in the box, to be enjoyed again another time.
Are the French the only people who think this is peculiar?  As I know that when my parents holidayed in France once they bought a puzzle and completed it.  The owner of the gite knew they had got a jigsaw and was invited to admire the finished product.  Then Mum went to break it up, at which the owner said "Non!", disappeared and came back with a piece of wood and some cling film.  Slid the board under the jigsaw and then cling filmed the jigsaw.  Telling my parents they should frame the jigsaw.
Anyway, that is besides the point.  Whenever we did jigsaws at home...usually just my younger sister and myself...Mum would come to see how we were doing and perhaps help.  (Mum always seemed to be busy in the kitchen when we were younger.)  As time went on and the jigsaw picture merged we would start to have trouble, because there would be a key piece missing.  I don't know how long it took us to twig...but Mum would put a piece, sometimes two in her pinny pocket. Just so she could put the last piece in.
Last week my sister took Mum a jigsaw, which Mum has been busy doing, what I am wondering is...has my sister tucked a piece into her pocket so Mum will find herself a piece short?
I'll let you know.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Lending Money

Several years back I did just this...and I also wrote a reference for the person. It went bad, and I lost out finanicially.
Recently I was asked to write a reference.  I did.
Thankfully there was no request for a financial back-up this time.
However in the future I will be alert to requests such as these.   Because, I earn little nough without being ripped off

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Tv and Radio public information ads

Over the past few months there have been adverts on both TV and Radio encouraging people not to suffer in silence.
The first was for screening potential bowel cancer, the latest is for potential lung cancer.
The adverts have said make an appointment to see your GP (for USA readers family doctor).  Fair enough, but I can't help thinking the makers of the adverts have private GPs, because our GPs are some of the most overworked people around.  If I need a routine appointment, I can wait for up to four weeks.  In the area where I live there are too many residents/GP and it is that fact the causes the long waits. There are also a lot of people who make appointments with the GP and don't turn up, or turn up too late.
I used to work for a dentist and appreciate what sort of chaos late patients can create.  The person who turns up late always has a them...reason for being late, and many seemed to be blithely unaware they were causing problems by being late.  Although it can frustrate me if I am late in for my appointment, I know this and other factors can be at work. At the dentists a simple filling might become a root filling, similarly a doctor might think that his patient has a routine problem and it can turn out to be much more in depth. 
What we need to do is make sure we are early or on time for appointments, and the government needs to be more realistic with their "public information" adverts.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Men's fashion?

Ok, I've posted about women's fashions that I find bizarre, and now it's the mens turn.
There are a lot of teenage and young men in their early 20s wearing very tight pants with a dropped crotch, or just normal trousers just about managing to cling to the wearer. the young men who wear these also seem to expose the top of their underwear.
I'm sorry, but I really don't find this look attractive and think it looks like the wearer has been taken short....OR.....are they wearing a nappy, as the dropped crotch would accommodate one!
And today when I walked the dogs I saw a few lads wearing trousers like the ones I mean, and realised that they actually have a deepened crotch area, so it hangs halfway down the wearer's thighs. I bet they can't run as well in them. Mind you the wearers seem to be trying to look "laid-back" so wouldn't run anywhere.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

After divorce for children

I can't find a related article to this posting, but it has been on the radio all day.
The courts are trying to stop children becoming estranged from their "non-resident" parent after divorce. [Usually the Dad, hence the rise of "Fathers for Justice".]
I suppose my three, the youngest now being 19 are lucky in this respect, although our divorce was one which involved no third party, my ex did not want to see the children at first. Despite an agreement being reached at mediation.  Before any divorced fathers start muttering. It was my ex's decision not to see the children, and for around 6 weeks he didn't.
But as I say, my three are lucky, because we only live 5 miles apart. I spoke to their Dad, and pointed out that he was their Dad and should see them, and he didn't stop being their Dad when we stopped being married.  At first visits were short, but a routine soon settled, and the elder two still make sure they see Dad.  They get on very well together.
But I put aside my personal feelings so that they could see their Dad, not everyone does, or is able to. 
If one of the couple has cheated/played away, however you want to think of it, that can cause deep rooted ill feeling on one or both sides. Mediation is needed for amicable agreements to be reached. Personal feelings have to be put aside for the good of the children.  Plus, the single/divorced mother if able to do this would be able to maintain a positive role model in her children's lives.  I know my ex became a more "hands on" parent after divorce, through necessity, but it befitted the children.  I also happen to think that mediation should involve grandparents, but that is another blog my ex's Dad commented when he found out about the pending divorce that I needed locking up...a Victorian outlook if ever there was the Moor Hospital, (local madhouse, as was,) my crime?....applying for divorce.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Going to Festival!

This time last week it was all stations go here.
The youngest and his G/f of 5 years were preparing to go to Download with 3 friends.
On Bank Holiday Monday the youngest g/f , (Becki,) set off to come here. Her clutch the time the only thing foremost in Becki, my youngest and their friends minds was....." How do we get there?"
On Thursday, hit me...if the clutch had gone on the motorway...they would not have to be finding alternative ways of getting there......can't say the rest..except the journey was on the busiest motorways at the most busy time!
I am so glad Becki's clutch went  at home on a nice peaceful country lane.....rather than two days later on the way to Download!
Mayhap they might never see how what could have been...I hope not...Edwin is my son...Becki has been with him almost 5 of the friends 11+ so glad Becki's car wimped out two days before. I really could not have coped on top of Dad's death and my soulmate leaving country!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Euro 2012

Love football or hate it, we won't be able to ignore it the next few weeks.
However, I have noticed something when reading several articles about the forthcoming tournament. Every person asked who they think might win has named Spain, Italy, Germany, and even England has been named
Similarly, when these people have been asked who is the player to watch, they have again named "traditional" European players from the western part of Europe.
Are the Eastern Europeans only in to make the numbers up?  Are ALL their players rubbish?  I don't think so for one moment. I am guessing that not that much is known about the teams or the players. After all, Russia has a team in the tournament, and surely they MUST have a pretty good team, with the vast number of Russian citizens to choose from. 
The articles I have read seem to imply it is a forgone conclusion that one of the "usual suspects" will win, but I for one would like to see some decent football played in true sportsman like fashion, and not with players throwing themselves about like people just learning to ice skate.  Let's have some decent football worth watching for a change.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Alarm, or what wakes you up?

The sound of the alarm is although sometimes unwelcome an expected sound that wakes you from your sleep.
But what about the other things that wake you?
Some are pleasing to the ear, others aren't.
Those pleasing to the ear, you don't somehow mind, even though they may have disturbed you.
For example, I like hearing the sound of a thunderstorm and don't mind if one wakes me in the night.
Also, the "dawn chorus" is acceptable, the sound of rain during a hot humid spell, the sound of a baby crying.
But there are some sounds that are very unwelcome.
Screeching tyres up the street at silly o'clock in the morning, taxi doors slamming, or, and this one is the most annoying to me.  Party goers going outside for a smoke, or to talk on their mobiles at 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am and finally shouting goodbye to each other just after 5am.  Once in a blue moon you can put up with, but every flaming Saturday night/Sunday morning for three weeks is getting beyond a joke.  I must be the only person in the street who sleeps at the front of the house with good hearing as I haven't heard anyone else complain.
I hope they don't have a party again this Saturday, but if they do will the behaviour change?  I very much doubt it.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Some clothing trends should stay in the past.

What piece of clothing am I going to have a complain about today?
I'll give clues.
The people who wore them in the 80s thought it was the first time around.
They only look good on people of a specific build.
Back in the 80s, as now. Most people have no idea how to wear them.
Any idea?
It's leggings, for every 1 person who might, just might look good in them, the next 99 look hideous.
The wearer should have nice shaped legs, and bum, as leggings reveal far more than they hide.  They look best worn with a mid thigh length top.
So why, can anyone explain, do people insist on wearing tops that stop at their waist, or even above with leggings. The leggings outline everything, and personally I think worn in the way I have just said looks crude.
Another thing about leggings is people who are far too old to be wearing them wear them.
In the same vein as leggings are the sprayed-on jeans.  You know those that are so tight they look like they have been sprayed onto the wearer, these again leave little to the imagination.
At least men don't wear them, which is something to be thankful for.
I think leggings will possibly go out of fashion again soon, well I hope so, but they are sure to surface again in the future as they seem to have been around in one form or another since the Middle Ages.
It's just with all the creative designers around today, you think they would remember how hideous they looked last time around and not inflict them on the fashion slaves again.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

What is fashion?

Answers on a sealed down envelope or a postcard, please.
When I was taught to sew, and put zips in, I was told they should be as hidden as possible. Well put in zip should barely show when the garment is worn.  Even the brass zips on jeans and zips on men's trousers should be concealed.
So, why do so many ladies dresses and tops these days have zips sewn in on the outer edge of the garment?  I wonder if the quality control found that one machinist just couldn't get the zip right, no matter what they did?  Or maybe the designer them self was not good at putting zips in, and decided to sew it in on the outside of the garment?
Whatever gave rise to the "fashion" of very visible zips, I hope it ends soon.  To me it looks shoddy, or that the wearer has the garment on inside out.  Another thing makes me wonder what sort of nutter thought that brass zip, when exposed, would make a good addition to a ladies dress or top, especially when the fabric is quite a delicate fabric?
I know I don't follow fashion trends myself, but it really does spoil the look of the clothes from behind, and I hope it dies out as quickly as it surfaced.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

An even split?

I have seen some posts on facebook and it seems that there's a two way split on moving the Kite festival.
Some people think it should be kept in July, "when it's warmer", but others don't
I think moving it was a good idea as people visit Morecambe during the summer anyway.  As a coastal town we need to attract people in during the quieter months, and despite the wind being very strong and bracing today, the Kite Festival looked to be very well attended.
The movement will ,hopefully, have brought in people who may not have visited if it wasn't for the festival.
After all, flying kites is a windy day pursuit, not exclusively a sunny day one.
Plus, I love wild windy days like we have today.

Saturday, 12 May 2012


If you follow my blog you'll know I lost my Dad in February.
Mum and Dad had been married for 54 years, would have been 55 in July. They "courted" for around two years before getting married.
On top of that my Mum is one of seven children and a twin. So she really has never been on her own for the times that matter in life. I said I would go to hospital with her when she goes for some tests or a meeting with a consultant later this month.  She is going about something that predates Dad's death, but she has ignored as Dad was so poorly.
I truly don't want her to go to this appointment alone, and am sure if I explain to my HR person she will allow me to manipulate my hours so that I can go with Mum.
I told Mum I would meet her and go with her...but am not sure she will accept......where else do I get my stubbornness from?

Change of date

I'm not sure why, but the "powers that be" have decided that May is a better time for the Kite Festival. l
About time too! After all, we get visitors to Morecambe in July anyway, moving it to May makes sense, as it will encourage visitors, and it is likely to be more interesting for the kite fliers.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Dogs, again!

I have just read this article about micro chipping dogs.  Any dog owner who cares about their dog will have it micro chipped in case it should be lost or stolen. I had both mine done at their first "puppy" check after buying them. My older dog, Spark, is a West Highland White, and when I got him WHW's were the most frequently stolen breed of dog. Also, when I got him there were quite a few people around here with "dangerous" dogs, if I walked past them I would here them goad their own dog to "get that ball of fluff!" And in areas where people hold illegal dog fights, family pets are frequently stolen to "train" the fighting dogs.
But, as the article says, the "owners", and I use the term loosely, of dangerous dogs will not bother to have them micro chipped, so if they roam loose they will not be matched up with the owners.
Responsible dogs owners will continue to be responsible, perhaps the answer is to ban the people who do not have their dogs micro chipped from owning dogs, but then again, how will the authorities know?
The scheme is a good idea, but until a method for ensuring all dogs are micro chipped is put in place, it will remain just that, "a good idea", with responsible dog owners getting chips implanted, because it makes good sense. I truly hope that it doesn't push up the price of micro chipping, which is currently around £15...which in the long run is not a great deal of money if you take into consideration the chip stays put for the dogs life.
I don't have any answers as to how they could make this scheme work, and suspect that prices will creep up, as car insurance does because there are people out there who think the law doesn't apply to them and consequently do not pay for car insurance...the same "group" of people would ignore a law to have their dog micro chipped.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Is swearing at staff acceptable?

You might have gathered from previous posts that I work in a school.
Today a trainee member of staff was very upset as a pupil had sworn at her.
Are there truly any circumstances when this can be acceptable?
I would say NO!
I have looked on websites about Tourette's syndrome, and
90 percent of people with TS do not swear uncontrollably (coprolalia).
The above is a direct quote from a Tourette's webpage.
So even if the pupil claims to suffer from Tourette's swearing should not be acceptable. So, why do these pupils swear at staff, who are only trying to educate them?
There may be several explanations, the most obvious being they hear bad language used every day as part of normal speaking, and deem it acceptable.
This leads onto another post entirely ....that being...the acceptance? (or should I put more frequent usage of expletives is everyday language)
What was deemed unacceptable anywhere except the very worst part of society several years ago is gradually creeping into mainstream everyday usage.
Will we ever hear expletives, being used as if they are mainstream language, say on TV?
I seriously hope not.
I know the days when pupils would not dare to answer staff back are past, but why are they past? Is there anything at all that can be done?
I truly hope the trainee teacher who was on the receiving end of today's outburst is not disheartened by the incident, as I believe she is going to make an excellent teacher.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Day in bed

I rarely do this, but yesterday I slept most of the day, waking at 4.45pm-ish then after a bath, and struggling to keep my eyes open, went back to bed before 9pm, and then slept the clock around until 9am this morning. I feel like I have the aftermath of a cold. When I took my peak flow yesterday it was below the 75% marker the respiratory nurse showed me to put on, yet today, apart from a slight sore throat and slightly achy ears, I feel OK.
And, this morning I felt very awake, so obviously I needed the sleep.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Read the Bible if you are lonely and bored!

How can reading fairy tales/myths/legends make a person feel less lonely and bored?
Reading any decent story is good for relieving tedium, but despite what all bible thumpers think...the only people who feel better after reading the bible are sheep. Sheep like being told what they should do, how they should feel, how they should react, etc
I am not a sheep
I have had this brought home to me again and again throughout my life.
The people bringing it home to me may not have even realised what they were doing, but they spelt out the message loud and clear to me....that I am NOT a sheep.
I am me...and being me defies me being put into a box and labelled. My life has made me such that I do not fit into recognised "boxes", but I am not bothered by that, because I like being me!
Also...more of what has happened of late has made me feel more "independent" , (perhaps I should say that rather than lonely?) and after the sadness has gone...perhaps it has strengthened me?

Saturday, 7 April 2012

should I have done it?

Today I wasn't very well..had S & what was planned I didn't have any chance of doing...not unless it was being played out on my doorstep, which it wasn't
I have been prompted to think very carefully about my future plans, and will write down my wishes.
Anyone who knows what I am wittering on about might wonder what I have been prompted to think about.
All I will say is..........recent happenings have made me think about my future...or the end of it

Monday, 2 April 2012

Chain letters/e-mails

Why do people perpetuate these things?
Most claim you will be lucky...etc etc..all related things.
I hardly ever send these things on..unless they are really funny. One's that mention God get deleted immediately! I will make my own mind up about religion..thank you very much.
Luck has another is fate, but fate is random, and because it is random no-one can predict fate.
I do not dismiss that some people are more lucky than others as I know of two people who seem to be like cats in the luck stakes...i.e....always land on their feet...but I am sure that if luck is going to smile on you, sending back a chain e-mail will NOT make you any luckier.
All most people want is a normal from worry and stress...chain mail and e-mail chains are only created to make the stress more..not less

Saturday, 31 March 2012


I'm sure everyone has regrets.
Here's one of mine, it's a silly one, might make you smile
I regret buying a white "soft touch" dressing gown.
Why? I hear you ask.
After being worn more than twice it looks grubby, and it seems to spend more time being washed than being worn. I seriously wish I'd never bought it.
I am wondering whether to dye it a lovely shade of purple, as then it won't show look as grubby as quickly as it does now.
That aside, it is one of the warmest dressing gowns i have ever had since being an adult.

Oh! and despite being divorced I neither regret ever marrying, or getting divorced. Do wish I'd done it sooner, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.
I don't regret getting married in the first place, as if I hadn't married who I did, I wouldn't have my three lovely children, OK...all grown up now, but wouldn't be without them.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Cars without insurance

Apparently the government are "clamping down" on uninsured why are there two that show up as uninsured parked on the street where I live?
I have no argument with people having cars...but the uninsured cars are putting up the insurance for all the law abiding people. Why should I pay a stupid amount of insurance to keep my car on the road...when I hardly use it...but keep it insured..when idiots have cars that are uninsured?
I am currently rethinking if I should "downgrade" my car so the insurance isn't as much.......but am annoyed that people have cars that are not insured and they seem to think it is OK to keep them on the road!
Our society is not geared up for people who abide by the rules...and it is about time it changed

To paraphrase another blogger's "tag" line
Change the world, by making the rules fair and consistent

Thursday, 22 March 2012

useless equipment!

Part of my job is to send orders for equipment, etc that the department I work for needs.
Last Friday one of the teachers came to my "hidey-hole" (office is FAR to grand a name for it...after all,....I am sat in the stock cupboard.) He gave me a piece of Maths equipment and announced, these are no use at all!
I was tired and didn't get what he I looked..and saw that what he had said was useless is actually that.
It was a protractor....but not an ordinary one, it was a solid coloured one......and because of it's solid colour nature, totally useless.
I looked at orders I had sent since I have worked for Maths, and couldn't find the order for I presume that the order predates when I have been in Maths. In fact I had ordered protractors in July last year, but only 50...not 100.
The head of the Maths faculty decided he would give them out to "deserving" pupils...whether they deserve a good laugh...or just deserve taking the Mickey from them remains to be seen.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

gripe about our government

And who hasn't got a gripe about our "lovely" government?
Around two years ago....I thought that I would be eligible for retirement at 60 years the last 18-24 months this has gone up to 67/68 for me...the same length of time again.
I did see me retired and looking after grandchildren once or twice a week, but now all I see is me being too worn out to do anything but keep up with my housework.
I know this sounds like I am wallowing in self pity, but I have one degenerative condition...and I seriously can't see me being able to carry on working until I am 67/68 years we have to stay in work longer...where are the jobs for the students leaving school coming from? They won't be there, because people who should have qualified for their pensions are STILL working.
Mind you..on the plus side...time seems to go faster for me these days.
And if my grandchildren arrive before their grandma is able to care for least once a week...I apologise in advance....I truly wanted to be there for you...look after you how to bake..have some fun with you.....but by the time we spend time together...I'll be your annoying Grandma who you HAVE to go visit! Sorry on so many levels

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Why bother asking?

Why do some people ask other people's opinions, and then go ahead and do as they planned, without taking into consideration the responses they got?
Or is it just my family thinking that what I think doesn't matter?
Do they just ask me, because it is expected of them?
They never take any notice of the responses they get from me.
I don't mean my children, I mean my siblings.
It always upsets me so much ...they used to push me about so they got what they wanted when we were young, doesn't seem to have changed with age.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

been brave?

I have just replaced the bathroom pull switch, and a light bulb.
I know it doesn't sound very brave, but when I come out in a cold sweat climbing up a ladder, spending more than a couple of minutes up there is brave for me.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Going to have to visit the vet

I hadn't noticed, but you don't if you see someone or something every day. Spark has lost a lot of weight. It looks like I'll have to visit the vet with him, apart from the weight loss, he seems OK in himself. Now I've had it pointed out, am imagining all sorts.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

What do people expect?

When all you've ever had from some people all your life is to be pushed aside, or ignored, or left to cope on your own, do the very people who have done that to you expect you to do as you are told, fit in and ask for help coping?
This is what has happened to me lately. And to be perfectly frank, I am finding it difficult enough coping alone without having to "share" with others...who I am sure haven't suggested me "sharing" with them for my own good, but suspect that they want me to "share" with them so that I can shoulder their "upsets and concerns", rather than have chance to share mine.
I have always tried to put others first, but at times when I find it difficult to cope, I turn into a hedgehog, curl up inside myself and hope my prickliness will keep others away.
After all, in the past, I have mistakenly thought people were being kind to me and found out that they weren't being in a very nasty way. What I mean is I have let people get close to me, and ended up being "kicked in the teeth". It's not me that's at fault...or at least not now. It is how I was brought up, stand on my own two feet, cope with the bad stuff alone, be pushed out by others and not complain, so the very people who made me like I am should not be surprised when I react as I do.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

sleep loss

I have not been able to sleep as much these last couple of nights. After all..something bad happened while I was asleep.
Perhaps that is why I am finding it hard to sleep?

Thursday, 16 February 2012

So sad

It's never good when someone calls you in the middle of the night.
Around half an hour ago the phone rang here.
It was Mum, my Dad has died.
I can only imagine how upset she is right now. They were marrried on July 24th 1957, that's an awful long time to spend with someone.
I have just been sending massages to cousins, but will probably be awake early and ring them before they read the message.
I love my Dad and right now am very upset. 71 is no great age these days.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

dating websites AGAIN!!!!!

No, I haven't visited this one....but there is one out there that claims to "cut to the chase"....and deliver what the person wants!
The advert shows two people getting ready for a date....but...the directors/researchers/WHATEVER have not done their research right..or they are male!
As the advert shows a man and a woman going to meet each other on a "no-holds barred" date...
However, the woman is wearing stocking and suspenders.....Yes! I know...a turn on for most red-blooded males
But as someone who has regularly worn suspenders and stockings..I can only say that the woman/model has NEVER worn them in a normal situation!
After all, the suspenders should go under the panties and not over...otherwise, it is time consuming if you need to visit the bathroom..also...the panties can be removed whilst the suspenders are kept in place!
Why don't the advert makers think!

By the way...I haven't used this site or even "browsed" it. All I know of it is the erroneous ad on TV...and that puzzles it is also shown before the 9pm "watershed"

What's your Dickensian name?

You take one of your Great-grandparents name, although I heard it as grandparent, and the street name of where you first lived,or primary school name.
That makes me either Florence, or Ellen North. Using my grandmother's name as I don't know what my great-grandmother's were called.
My children would possibly have to use their primary school name for the surname, as I don't know if Slyne sounds right as a surname, unless they were Dickensian baddies.
They would be Doreen or Margaret Bolton-le-Sands, and James Bolton-le-Sands and Alan Bolton-le-Sands. I think I'd rather have them as posh Dickensians than baddie ones.
Work your Dickensian name out and leave me a comment with it, if you want.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

dating websites....are they worth it?

Is there really any point of joining any dating websites?
Even the ones who claim to "match" you to someone of similar interests?
Speaking from recent experience of "just browsing" certain sites, I would say no they are not. Also, the last person I saw for any length of time, and just "left"...with no actual splitting up involved....I met in person
I know that some people have gained proper working relationships through dating websites, but just as many ...if not more seem to be disappointed.
One site I "browsed", (problem is you have to join to browse,) suggested I send a certain person a message, as we were a "match".
The person in question I have actually met, and I know him to be a player. In fact he told me how he usually "played". He would have at least one woman who he would be exchanging e-mail, IM and maybe phone calls with, but not actually met, at least one would be lined up for a first date, and another he would be "getting into bed". He admitted that no "relationships" lasted too long. In the time I knew him, he also started up an affair with a married woman, which to my knowledge went on at leas v3 years, maybe is still happening, I don't know, I broke contact with him as his antics began to disgust me even more.

I truly would love to find another lovely man, like the last one I saw...who stuck around for longer, but I just don't believe that anything online works well.
After all, the best relationship I have had was one where I met the person in person in the first instance, by encountering them actually on the street where I live. I doubt that would happen again....unless he came back from his home country, which is unlikely.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Crazy Adverts!

We have a supermarket here in the UK that is German owned..and is gaining ground against the usual UK supermarkets.
The layout is kept very similar...week after week...they have specials..and only they move around.
I'm talking about Aldi...throughout the year they have a "super six"...these are a selection of veg....presumably the most abundant at that time of year...the dearest super six to date has been 69p/item.
THINK about it...use the "super six" in your reduce the price.
What I especially like is Aldi's adverts...
This one in particular made me laugh

What I think it is only women need to lose weight....and it is most certainly thumbing it's nose at the "Special K" campaign"

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Today is going to be a day of waiting for me.
I have to wait in for a telephone appointment with the doctor, and wait in for delivery of my new fridge.
Samantha saw this fridge on Saturday and then picked me up to go look at it.
It will be good to have a decent sized fridge again.
My old fridge, the one that died was a five foot tall 600mm wide larder fridge. The one I have been using lately, loaned to me by my friend is an under-counter 500mm wide one with a freezer compartment taking up a third of it's space inside. With doors not big enough to hold much.
The new fridge isn't as wide or quite as tall, but is just a larder fridge so I will be able to store things I am accustomed to storing in the fridge.

My new fridge did not arrive...but the doc phoned me prior to the time I was told.
50% result is better than none I suppose.