Thursday, 29 May 2008

Getting there

There are so many areas of my life where that could apply right now.

My fitness is returning after my operation, I'm not pushing things as there is no way I want to end up back having surgery again.
The question I posed on Sunday, I'm working my way around to, as I think it is important. But things are definitely going in the right direction.
I'm happy right now, there are some areas that are not brilliant, but that is just a temporary setback.
I know I am talking in riddles, but people who know me well will unravel my riddles easily.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Went back to work

On Friday, I went back to work, first time since September last year. For the first three weeks I'm only on half my normal hours, (it's what they call a phased return,) in order to help me get my strength and stamina back.
It was a little strange, but I enjoyed it, and doing the jobs I was doing back in September, well, nothing felt strange really, apart from coming back home so early.
And I walked there and back, something I haven't done since November 2006.
It's half term this next week though, so I'm not back again until a week tomorrow.
The oddest thing was the feeling that I was going back at almost the same time as I last worked.
The machines in the textiles room though are terribly linted up and I will have to figure out how to de-lint them or they could start jamming frequently when sewing.

How do you know when?

Ok, first, sorry haven't posted for a while. Been very busy, and so much has been going on, and a lot I haven't wanted to post about, cos it just upset me.
Nuff of that though.

Last night in chatting with Blue, she asked me, had I brought up the subject of religion, or lack of it with the man I am chatting to. The reason for this didn't need any talking about, as we are both of a like mind on that subject.
I don't think it will be a problem for various reasons, but how do you tell someone you are pagan, or "heathen"? (as the Romans used to call the original Britons.)
Perhaps, the first time I meet the man in question, I should wear a pentacle, of some description, mind you, most of my jewellery is pagan/ Celtic/ animal symbol type, and the crystal cage I nearly always wear is a bit of a give away as well.

Talking about crystals, I found a lovely piece of rose quartz on the market yesterday, I need to find it a home yet. She also had a wonderful wind chime, but where would I put it, already have quite a few.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Dump your manure here!

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, possibly! They do
This new development has knocked me sideways, what with everything else going on, and my soulmate finishing things.
Perhaps I've got an invisible sign over my head "dump your manure here!"
It's difficult enough coping with things, but when you are coping alone....
Ok, I have some lovely friends, but I hate sharing this sort of crap.
No wonder I'm having trouble with my eyesight, from mid afternoon onwards I'm finding it very difficult to focus.
Perhaps I shouldn't tempt fate with putting into words what is going through my head right now about that, for all I know there could be another load of shit looking for somewhere to dump.
Am trying very hard to stay positive in all this, but like I say. It's VERY hard.

Sunday, 4 May 2008


Aren't thunderstorms great :D ?
I know, you either love them or hate them.
I love them

These things are sent to try us

I won't bore you with the details, but lately I've had a lot of stressful events happen.
This morning I woke, the day is a lovely warm day, at last. I'm in decent health, I'd had a good sleep, and I know that my soulmate loves me, even though communications are difficult right now.
So ...I feel happy today, despite the manure that has been heaped on me, after all, if you have your health and love of your "family group", everything else is just a bonus.
I feel strong enough to sort out the other things that are going on in my life, and will do