Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Missed yesterday

Was so busy doing...who knows what yesterday, that I didn't blog.
BUT........I did finish two books, one good, one rubbish. I hate it when you read a book and come across a "fact" in it, which you know for a fact is WRONG.
But this book is a non-fiction book, and it should have been properly researched..if I found a bit I know to be wrong, how much more of it is wrong? It doesn't just spoil the reading, in non-fiction, it spoils the credibilty of the author.
The one I found in a fiction book just spoilt the story, cos the author had the characters driving from London to the Lake District, up the M1! Either her geography is as bad as my Mum's, or she couldn't be bothered to check. (for non UK readers..no matter where you are on the M1, you still have to cross the country as the M1 is on the Eastern side, and the Lake District is in the North West.)
The other book was fantastic, but I'm glad I finished it. Now I can curl up with a book again.

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