Sunday, 31 May 2015

Creative Swatch, or Edwin's exhibition

Yesterday evening I went to Edwin's exhibition of degree work.
It was titled "Creative Swatch", and was exhibiting the work of Edwin, and his cohort's degree work.
I bought a copy of his first comic, and a birthday card designed by another artist.
They must have had a brief to design cards for occasions, as several had displayed their cards. I was lucky enough to have a card designed by Edwin for Mother's day this year. Oliver and their Dad also got cards.
I was impressed by the quality of the art work on show.
We did have a look at some of the other areas, before going into the Creative Swatch exhibition.
It was good to see the results of what must have been some very hard work.
Well done Edwin, and all the others exhibiting.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Half term

Where does all the time go?
It doesn't seem to be that long since I posted about Spark, and here we are 3 and a 1/2 months later.
I've not been blogging much, as there hasn't been much to blog about.
Last Tuesday, Shadow went to a different groomer.  I was worried about her, as I'd been told that she " bit for fun".  This distressed me, and after I got her home from that appointment, I found two cuts on her.  Probably the reason why she wasn't happy.  She hasn't been happy going there since her claw broke inside her toe.  It does make me wonder if that is where it happened.
Anyway, I picked her up just over two hours after dropping her off, she was very happy, and the only odd thing she had done was "freeze" a couple of times.  She looks lovely.
Plans for this week, maybe trim Bertie Budelia back a little more. Do some knitting, maybe some sewing, just take things easy.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

New puppy, or not?

I've been having a lot of trouble coping with my spinal stenosis, and it's getting me down.
Stuff that I took for granted is becoming more difficult to cope with.
And because of this, I have been questioning the sense in getting another dog.
When I am having a good day, I feel confident that I would be up to looking after another dog, plus I think Shadow gets lonely at times.
But yesterday, I seriously doubted myself.
It would help if I knew more about my condition.  To me it feels like it's getting harder to cope. Is it degenerative? Where do I find out? Are there any support groups.
I wasn't feeling that I can't go on any more, just that I need help learning to cope, which is very hard when you essentially live alone.
Oh! By the way! I was thinking that maybe a Bengal cat might be a good compromise.