Monday, 3 September 2007

Last day of the holidays

This was an unexpected day.
I had other plans, won't discuss here, but I ended up having this day extra to do things I was going to put off until weekend.
So after a swim, and walking the dogs. Edwin and I went into Lancaster.
The school uniform includes a blazer, as from tomorrow. As Edwin never wore his sweatshirt, I wasn't going to bother, and he wasn't bothered. We had decided that if he ever needs a blazer for school we were going to buy a plain one, and not one of the ones provided by the school supplier. The simple reason being, there is no way he would wear a blazer with the school logo on it anywhere but school, whereas one without could be worn any time he needs to "dress up".
He also pointed out, as there is a six form dress code in operation now, he would be able to use it for sixth form as well. (So, potential 4 years use at school instead of 2.)
I got wadding for the quilt I am making, two books from the bookshop, and various stationery things.
On the way back I stopped at the discount shop, and got loads of fruit and veg, and other bits we needed.
Made spagheti bolognese for tea, so I gained lots of brownie points today, and now I'm worn out.

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