Sunday, 4 November 2007

Parking, easy?

Parking, it's one of the most difficult things to do when you are learning to drive, ain't it?
And it can be a pain. And if you live in a house with a garage and drive way, and only ever park on supermarket car parks, you might never have to parallel park ever again.
Except, I don't think Eastern Europeans have to learn to parallel park in the same way as we do, or do they? Perhaps they haven't got driving licences, in which case that is a very scary thought, as they are driving HGVs here. Anyway, we have some live up our very short street. And guess how they think the correct way to reverse/parallel park is? You reverse into the space, and stop when you car touches the one behind, then go forwards, until you touch the car in front, etc until your car is in the space that is only 2 foot bigger than your car, if that. My friend's husband wasn't very happy, as his car was one of the ones being bumped. Perhaps they think that is what bumpers are for? At least the one trying to park while I've been writing this decided that the space was too small, and went for a larger one, trouble is, there's a much larger car missing from the street, so it'll be amusing to watch the bigger one get in the space, or perhaps they'll just abandon it blocking another car in, after all, this is a "quiet cul-de-sac"!

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Blue said...

I couldn't parallel park to save my life.