Sunday, 22 April 2012

Dogs, again!

I have just read this article about micro chipping dogs.  Any dog owner who cares about their dog will have it micro chipped in case it should be lost or stolen. I had both mine done at their first "puppy" check after buying them. My older dog, Spark, is a West Highland White, and when I got him WHW's were the most frequently stolen breed of dog. Also, when I got him there were quite a few people around here with "dangerous" dogs, if I walked past them I would here them goad their own dog to "get that ball of fluff!" And in areas where people hold illegal dog fights, family pets are frequently stolen to "train" the fighting dogs.
But, as the article says, the "owners", and I use the term loosely, of dangerous dogs will not bother to have them micro chipped, so if they roam loose they will not be matched up with the owners.
Responsible dogs owners will continue to be responsible, perhaps the answer is to ban the people who do not have their dogs micro chipped from owning dogs, but then again, how will the authorities know?
The scheme is a good idea, but until a method for ensuring all dogs are micro chipped is put in place, it will remain just that, "a good idea", with responsible dog owners getting chips implanted, because it makes good sense. I truly hope that it doesn't push up the price of micro chipping, which is currently around £15...which in the long run is not a great deal of money if you take into consideration the chip stays put for the dogs life.
I don't have any answers as to how they could make this scheme work, and suspect that prices will creep up, as car insurance does because there are people out there who think the law doesn't apply to them and consequently do not pay for car insurance...the same "group" of people would ignore a law to have their dog micro chipped.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Is swearing at staff acceptable?

You might have gathered from previous posts that I work in a school.
Today a trainee member of staff was very upset as a pupil had sworn at her.
Are there truly any circumstances when this can be acceptable?
I would say NO!
I have looked on websites about Tourette's syndrome, and
90 percent of people with TS do not swear uncontrollably (coprolalia).
The above is a direct quote from a Tourette's webpage.
So even if the pupil claims to suffer from Tourette's swearing should not be acceptable. So, why do these pupils swear at staff, who are only trying to educate them?
There may be several explanations, the most obvious being they hear bad language used every day as part of normal speaking, and deem it acceptable.
This leads onto another post entirely ....that being...the acceptance? (or should I put more frequent usage of expletives is everyday language)
What was deemed unacceptable anywhere except the very worst part of society several years ago is gradually creeping into mainstream everyday usage.
Will we ever hear expletives, being used as if they are mainstream language, say on TV?
I seriously hope not.
I know the days when pupils would not dare to answer staff back are past, but why are they past? Is there anything at all that can be done?
I truly hope the trainee teacher who was on the receiving end of today's outburst is not disheartened by the incident, as I believe she is going to make an excellent teacher.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Day in bed

I rarely do this, but yesterday I slept most of the day, waking at 4.45pm-ish then after a bath, and struggling to keep my eyes open, went back to bed before 9pm, and then slept the clock around until 9am this morning. I feel like I have the aftermath of a cold. When I took my peak flow yesterday it was below the 75% marker the respiratory nurse showed me to put on, yet today, apart from a slight sore throat and slightly achy ears, I feel OK.
And, this morning I felt very awake, so obviously I needed the sleep.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Read the Bible if you are lonely and bored!

How can reading fairy tales/myths/legends make a person feel less lonely and bored?
Reading any decent story is good for relieving tedium, but despite what all bible thumpers think...the only people who feel better after reading the bible are sheep. Sheep like being told what they should do, how they should feel, how they should react, etc
I am not a sheep
I have had this brought home to me again and again throughout my life.
The people bringing it home to me may not have even realised what they were doing, but they spelt out the message loud and clear to me....that I am NOT a sheep.
I am me...and being me defies me being put into a box and labelled. My life has made me such that I do not fit into recognised "boxes", but I am not bothered by that, because I like being me!
Also...more of what has happened of late has made me feel more "independent" , (perhaps I should say that rather than lonely?) and after the sadness has gone...perhaps it has strengthened me?

Saturday, 7 April 2012

should I have done it?

Today I wasn't very well..had S & what was planned I didn't have any chance of doing...not unless it was being played out on my doorstep, which it wasn't
I have been prompted to think very carefully about my future plans, and will write down my wishes.
Anyone who knows what I am wittering on about might wonder what I have been prompted to think about.
All I will say is..........recent happenings have made me think about my future...or the end of it

Monday, 2 April 2012

Chain letters/e-mails

Why do people perpetuate these things?
Most claim you will be lucky...etc etc..all related things.
I hardly ever send these things on..unless they are really funny. One's that mention God get deleted immediately! I will make my own mind up about religion..thank you very much.
Luck has another is fate, but fate is random, and because it is random no-one can predict fate.
I do not dismiss that some people are more lucky than others as I know of two people who seem to be like cats in the luck stakes...i.e....always land on their feet...but I am sure that if luck is going to smile on you, sending back a chain e-mail will NOT make you any luckier.
All most people want is a normal from worry and stress...chain mail and e-mail chains are only created to make the stress more..not less