Saturday, 21 July 2007


Saturday's seem so long, but then so short.
I will hold my hands up, and admit that I miss my kids when they visit their Dad at the weekend.
It is not just the dogs who look for their return.
And today, it is exactly 6 years since I moved in here.
Things are still not finished, and to be honest, the kitchen could do with another coat of paint.
But, most of the work on the house has been carried out by me. (other than heavy stuff like timber treatment, damp coursing, and installing central heating.) The outside paintwork needs doing, but I acquired some "staging" for my friend's husband, he said he would paint my house in payment, am thinking..perhaps I should try to do the bits I can reach myself, as this is some years back now.
But ...can't do much due to injured ankle. Climbing stepladders is out of the question right now. (Well, I CAN climb them, one foot at a time, I just can't get down again.)

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