Saturday, 8 December 2007

Symphony of snores!

When I went into hospital on Monday, one of the other ladies in the ward assured me I would be unable to sleep at night due to the snoring of the other patients. She told me that she had encountered difficulty getting to sleep because of the snores.
However, I didn't encounter any problems and fell promptly to sleep. (Due to me making sure I tired myself out before settling down to sleep.) the second night I took a little longer to go to sleep, then I realised that all the snores were different notes, and as I customarily fall asleep listening to music, and concentrating on the patterns in the music, I treated the snoring in the same way. And fell asleep to a symphony of snores. A low rumbly snore, a tenor snore and a soprano snore, punctuated by the percussion of the lady next me coughing in her sleep as well.
I did have trouble one night, but that was due to pain, and not snoring.

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Blue said...

LOL I'll have to try that whenever I encounter a group of snorers.