Friday, 30 April 2010

What a load of rot!

This article is supposed to give the key to "morning sickness".
If the report is true....babies born of MS Mums will be lower birth weight!
Am just going on my experience, but I suffered more from MS on my second and third pregnancies....This has nothing to do with morning sickness. Mums of second, third, etc babies have another child to consider. I think the sickness is down to the mother of a second child being unable to rest completely.
I know if my second pregnancy had been my first there were things I would not have had "kittens about".
To my mind...parenting is a hard job...and the longer you keep at it...the better your progeny are!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Damn It!

For the last few weeks my ankle has been giving me some trouble. I am waiting for an appointment with the podiatrist. [She has a long waiting list.] I know my orthotics need replacing, as I am getting pain from the opposite knee and hip to my damaged ankle.
I have an appointment on Thursday, this time I will ask her roughly how long the orthotics are lasting, and then I can judge better when to request new ones.
Ankle and joint pain from this is being made worse at the mo by the blood problem. I won't explain other than calcium is absolutely necessary for joint and muscle function, and other stuff besides.
Sorry to grumble, but when you used to be as active as I was......this takes a lot of getting used to.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Food Nazis!

You go to Adsa...or most supermarkets these days...and you can't buy regular own brand soft drinks. :(
Flaming food Nazis!...I'd rather my teeth rotted than I had the non sugar option....which is usually saccharin sweetened....that has been proved in the past to be a carcinogen!
Some of the sweetener additives are not good for people who have asthma either.
Perhaps I should just drink water?

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Are opinion polls worth it?

The latest poll shows some surprising results!
If the poll is anything to go by...unexpected parties have gained ground! However... because of the ways that votes are counted...this might not be enough
When I go to "cast" my vote...I thought it counted as one vote...recently...I have found out that in certain areas one vote cast does not equal one....but a fraction of one?
This is no way to encourage people to vote..although some people will not access this source...and not know how ineffectual their vote is!
one person voting should equal one positive vote....for what ever party
Until this problem is ironed out I can't see the government in this country being truly representative of the electorate!

A bit of a mistake!

Here is a very good reason NEVER to trust the spellchecker on a PC. :)
Surely human proof readers should be used to spot mistakes like the one in the story. The article implies that human proof readers have been used, but reliance on final proof reading has been left with the PC.
A spellchecker only checks the spelling of the words, and the grammar. What it doesn't check is if the word is the correct one, PCs don't think for themselves. Just try it.
If you put in "it was reigning cats and dogs" the spellchecker would not query it as all the words are spelt correctly, but the wrong word has been used.

Thursday, 15 April 2010


I hope over the next couple of weeks it becomes apparent who is standing against our current MP.
I have looked up her record, and she is an effective MP, who has local matters in mind as much as national ones.
To date I have only seen local posters asking people to vote for her, I don't think for one minute she is standing unopposed.
Time will tell.
One thing does bother me though, do you vote for the candidate who you know has the locality close to their heart, even if they are from a party you do not align yourself with, or vote for the person who belongs to the party whose policies you identify with most?

No flying over UK

I know some people are complaining about this, but it is a sensible measure. After the volcano eruption in Iceland yesterday the high atmosphere is said to be full of volcanic ash. You can't see it, but apparently it will destroy an aeroplane engine. To me it is a sensible precaution, I think the people complaining would not like to be in flight and suddenly their plane turns into a rock! And the force of gravity is reminding the plane that it's heavier than air.

Here are some amazing pictures of the eruption. The force of nature at work there is awesome.

Friday, 9 April 2010

cycle friendly? and around where I live there have been measures taken to make the whole area "cycle friendly".
On the surface this is a good thing...being as the bulk of the area is fairly flat...but..the local county council have gone one more step.....At most of the traffic lights in the area there are now cycle lanes and cycle priority lanes. Thus restricting, at many junctions...the past flow of two lanes of traffic down to one,
The traffic lights nearest me are a good illustration!
before the alterations....there were rarely tail backs from the they regularly extend at least half a mile back from the junction! With Easter break they have been much worse.
I am on the side of cyclists having safe areas to ride...but this is is stopping the jerks who still insist on riding the wrong way down one way streets...or cycling on a footpath ...when there is a recognised cycle path only a maximum of 10 feet away
Cycling is a cleaner..more environmentally better way to get around...but cyclists should abide by the highway code. One way means one way for all wheeled vehicles...footpath..means on foot. If you want to use these short should respect them..and dismount!"

Monday, 5 April 2010


Why does a person get hiccups...afterwards?

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter...or Ostara?

I gave my three chocolate eggs!
It is their choice what path they want to follow!
I miss my lover..but for him today has great religious significance!.........even though he doesn't care a jot for tradition!
He knows I appreciate the differences!

BUT...until I searched today...I didn't know that "stay at home" mum's from different cultures had same respect as UK born Mum's to be