Saturday, 10 November 2007

Saturday evening, again

Tonight, so far, there are no crazy Eastern Europeans yelling at each other, or people nicking cars and abandoning them in the street. There have still been fireworks though. I found out why people might still be setting off fireworks yesterday. One of the local supermarkets is selling them off half price. It's really quiet here, Sam has gone out, supposed to be going to a 21st do for one of her friends.

I finished the t-shirts, but the style doesn't suit me, so am not sure what to do with them.
Have been doing some work on one of my UFOs, (cross-stitch,) and it's taking shape nicely, only trouble is that it is on black Aida, and I can only really work on it during the day time as the colours are very close together, lots of subtle shading. I do have a daylight bulb in my lamp, but it doesn't quite replace real daylight.

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