Saturday, 31 December 2016

Review of 2016

A dreadful year for me, in many ways, but there's been some great points as well.
I managed to hit all my reading aims, I think. I'm slowly edging my way back to writing.
I have Kindle published a collection of my poetry, I have been dipping my toe into making and selling my own items.
I have a gorgeous Maine Coon kitten, who is eleven months old today, he's called Raphael, and is a heavily disguised angel.
I have tried new recipes out, but probably only one per month.

Bad things, :(
I was made compulsory redundant, I had to wave goodbye to Shadow as she crossed the rainbow bridge, several electrical items died, the boiler died, the toilet died. I haven't found a new job yet....

BUT......I'm still here, alive and creaking.  Another year older, maybe a little wiser.

Edwin and Becky are now living together in St Helens, Sam and Lewis have a house, instead of two flats in St Anne's, and Oliver has a lovely girlfriend, who he thinks enough about to have brought her home for Christmas.

Oh! And I met some lovely people who I was only friends online with before.

Not a great year, but some really nice bright stars in the darkness.