Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Why? Again!

Why is it news that a bobsleigh team person's "bodysuit" split?
Are we so short of real news that sensationalist crap makes the headlines?
Only pervy people would wish to watch video footage of this.
Are the "News" reporters getting to close to their stories? Who knows?
I for one am against "sensational" reporting...after all...there could be several reasons behind any story..but we are just supplied the most sensational, and it is repeated so many times that the general public begin to think it should/must be true..otherwise the news media would not report it.

In defense of the bobsleigh team member...perhaps the bodysuit was well worn...thread eventually becomes weak.
After all most people have had a pair of trousers split on them...when they would really rather they hadn't.
News is NOT idle chatter...real news is significant events that affect a country or the whole world.
All the bodysuit splitting report probably did was embarrass the bobsleigh team member,.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Ice and falls

yesterday I walked down to voice therapy.
We don't have much snow here, just compacted ice, which is very tricky to walk on. I slipped a couple of times but didn't go over, then with no reason I fell. It must have looked comic, as my legs shot out to my right, and I landed heavily on my left hand side.
Today I have huge bruises on my left elbow and hip, and curiously around where my boot comes up to, which illustrates the force with which I fell.
I ache, and sleeping last night was not easy, as I tend to lie on my left side.
I think I'll have to use some arnica or something before I go to bed tonight.

Friday, 8 January 2010

New Trend?

I have just read this "news" story.I'm sorry, but all us "fidgetters" know that knitting is unique, likewise sewing. That is why we sew, knit crochet, etc. In order to produce clothing and other items that are unique, as even if two people use the same knitting pattern, nine times out of ten they will select different yarns, so get different looking results.One other thing, us "fidgetters" are more likely to experiment and create something completely unique.I'm sorry, but just because a "celebrity" picks up a pair of knitting needles we hear about it, bet we don't hear about their mistakes!Can we please have some real news for a change, after all, will it make the front page if Madonna drops a stitch?

I have posted this post on here and on Fidgetty Fingers, my craft blog.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Extreme weather?

On the surface it looks like we have got off with it lightly here. At first glance ...less than an inch of snow!
However, since last Friday night, we had a very hard frost, followed by hail, then rain, then a freeze! All before Saturday 10am-ish. Temperatures did not climb at all.
However, the views across the bay are fantastic.

All week it has been thawing slightly, just to freeze again, creating layers of ice and compacted snow.
Walking is very difficult due to the solid ice on top of the pavements.
Unfortunately, my new camera doesn't like the cold, and switched off when I tried to zoom in for a closer shot of the Lakeland Fells.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

What happened to the snow ploughs?

Everywhere is saying that they are running out of grit........
Hold on!!!!!
When I was young I used to live where it knew how to snow...and did do EVERY winter!
Before the roads were gritted the snow ploughs would be used to clear most of the standing snow on the roads, and then they would grit the ploughed roads.
A few years back..I said in jest that perhaps the drivers didn't know how to attach the snowploughs to the vehicles, now I'm not so sure!
Perhaps they don't even know what the curved pieces of metal...that look a little like bulldozer buckets, are for.
I don't really understand why this snow has caused such a problem. I remember, very distantly, some very cold snowy winters, but I also remember that the roads were cleared quite soon.
Is it that the snowploughs have been lost, or are we more reliant on our "family cars" these days. After all...when I was young you were "posh" if you had a car, and most freight went by rail for the bulk of its journey. Now catching a bus , train, or walking is looked upon as a "poor man's" mode of transport....if you have a car and choose to walk you are eccentric....ok that's me...what is everyone else's excuse?

Snow Day

I've heard of these but never experienced one before.
I got into work just before eight, only to be told that the school was closing for the day due to the snow.
When I was little I remember walking to school through the snow, ok, only about 10 of us turned up. We had to drink ALL the milk. lol!
But back then teachers lived closer to where they actually worked, so getting to work wasn't a problem.
We don't have so much snow here, but it has started snowing more, and many of the teachers live a fair distance away, in areas where it is snowing more.
As I look out of the window now, I can see the flakes are getting bigger, and dancing in the air as they fall.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Peaceful start

Ok, I didn't get up until nearly 1pm, and have sat and knitted most of today.
I did walk the dogs twice, and both times I was surprised how quiet it was outdoors.