Sunday, 21 October 2007

Challenge from Blue

Blue challenged myself and another of her friends to do this.
The idea is find one of each item that begins with the first letter of my "real" name, aren't I glad I'm not called Zoe?
Anyway, here's my list. Originally the sport team and place were to be USA one's, but as I live in the UK, I used UK ones, until I couldn't find a sport team starting with J in the UK, so I looked for a USA one. (ok, that might have been cheating, but I'm not sporty.)

. Famous singer/band: Jean Michel Jarre
2. 4 letter word: joke
3. Street name: Jepson Way
4. Color: Jaune J (French for yellow ;) )
5. Gifts/presents: juggling balls
6. Vehicle: Jaguar XJS
7. Items on a menu: jumbles
8. Girl Name: Janine
9. Boy Name: Justin
10. Movie Title: Jumanji
11. Drink: juice
12. Occupation: janitor, (or site supervisors are they are laughingly known as in the UK, pc gone mad I tell you.)
13. Flower:jasmine
14. Magazine:Just 17
15. Celebrity: Julia Roberts
16. UK City: John O’Groats
17. Pro Sports Teams: Jacksonville Jaguars
18. Reason for Being Late for Work: Jam, traffic was bad
19. Something you throw away: Junk
20. Things you shout: Joy?
21. Cartoon character: Jerry, (from Tom and Jerry)
22. TV Show: junk in the attic? (or have I made that up?)


Blue said...

You forgot to name the team as Jacksonville Jaguars =P

Sea said...

:P told you I no nuffin about sport any more.
I know that we have american football teams in the UK now, I mean they play it here, as well as basketball and baseball, but I couldn't name a single team.
Oh! and the rugby legue teams have funny names as well, but the only ones I know for sure are Bradford Bulls and Wigan Warriors, cos they are on a poster Ratty has up at work.