Friday, 23 March 2012

Cars without insurance

Apparently the government are "clamping down" on uninsured why are there two that show up as uninsured parked on the street where I live?
I have no argument with people having cars...but the uninsured cars are putting up the insurance for all the law abiding people. Why should I pay a stupid amount of insurance to keep my car on the road...when I hardly use it...but keep it insured..when idiots have cars that are uninsured?
I am currently rethinking if I should "downgrade" my car so the insurance isn't as much.......but am annoyed that people have cars that are not insured and they seem to think it is OK to keep them on the road!
Our society is not geared up for people who abide by the rules...and it is about time it changed

To paraphrase another blogger's "tag" line
Change the world, by making the rules fair and consistent

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