Monday, 2 April 2012

Chain letters/e-mails

Why do people perpetuate these things?
Most claim you will be lucky...etc etc..all related things.
I hardly ever send these things on..unless they are really funny. One's that mention God get deleted immediately! I will make my own mind up about religion..thank you very much.
Luck has another is fate, but fate is random, and because it is random no-one can predict fate.
I do not dismiss that some people are more lucky than others as I know of two people who seem to be like cats in the luck stakes...i.e....always land on their feet...but I am sure that if luck is going to smile on you, sending back a chain e-mail will NOT make you any luckier.
All most people want is a normal from worry and stress...chain mail and e-mail chains are only created to make the stress more..not less

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