Thursday, 27 December 2012

Post Yule/Christmas

Well, it's all over for another year.
I hope everyone got what they wanted
Seeing as I didn't particularly want anything, it was nice to get what gifts I did.
Oliver, had been on my Amazon wish list and plucked things from it.  A Symphonic Jean Michel Jarre, and a couple of books about English language.  For two of my three years at uni I took English Language alongside, Literature and Creative Writing.  I dropped it in the third year in favour of Creative Writing. I wish there had been a way to carry all three on.  When you study English Language and it's roots it is very useful if you have an understanding of other languages as well, as you can see where the words that we use in everyday language have come from different roots, due to us being invaded constantly until 1066.  I won't bore you with any more of this.
Other things I got, a whistle/bird call shaped like an owl, an owl handbag, a jigsaw, loads of sweets, liquorice, fudge, drumstick lollies.  I did get a couple of boxes of chocolates, but they were from people at work who don't seem to have noticed that I don't eat chocolate, but I still appreciate the though and will share the sweets with others.
Samantha managed to track down a copy of a Tom Holt book that I had only been able to get for my Kindle, this one isn't signed, but it means, I think, that I now have all his comic novels.
I finished seasonal knitting on Christmas Day and took John, Samantha's partner, his scarf last night and stayed for a short while at their party.
There is one weird thing that has happened.  I have lost some weight! :O, not much, but it is now obvious to me that I definitely "comfort" eat when I am alone, so need to do something about that.
This has meandered around for long enough, so I'll sign off.

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