Friday, 10 August 2012


I'm feeling very restless.  Last night I had trouble getting to sleep, I woke early.  Now I'm feeling jumpy.
I've taken Spark to the vet's for a procedure.  They might be able to do it with him conscious, but I have had to give my permission for them to sedate him in case they have to. There's always a risk with sedation, and that is why I'm being nervous.
He didn't understand why he didn't have his usual bedtime biscuit or why he wasn't allowed any food this morning, and Shadow is sticking closer to me.  She probably wonders what I have done with Spark.
I did tell them what was happening, but it wouldn't have meant anything, after all, they are dogs.  They are both intelligent dogs, but if it's not food, exercise or company I am sure they wouldn't have known what I was saying. waiting for the phone to ring, although they did say it might be about 2-3 pm before I can collect Spark.

Spark is back now. A bit subdued and has only one visible scrape on him, and now Shadow is not following me around.  I feel a lot happier.

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