Saturday, 12 May 2012


If you follow my blog you'll know I lost my Dad in February.
Mum and Dad had been married for 54 years, would have been 55 in July. They "courted" for around two years before getting married.
On top of that my Mum is one of seven children and a twin. So she really has never been on her own for the times that matter in life. I said I would go to hospital with her when she goes for some tests or a meeting with a consultant later this month.  She is going about something that predates Dad's death, but she has ignored as Dad was so poorly.
I truly don't want her to go to this appointment alone, and am sure if I explain to my HR person she will allow me to manipulate my hours so that I can go with Mum.
I told Mum I would meet her and go with her...but am not sure she will accept......where else do I get my stubbornness from?

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