Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Today is going to be a day of waiting for me.
I have to wait in for a telephone appointment with the doctor, and wait in for delivery of my new fridge.
Samantha saw this fridge on Saturday and then picked me up to go look at it.
It will be good to have a decent sized fridge again.
My old fridge, the one that died was a five foot tall 600mm wide larder fridge. The one I have been using lately, loaned to me by my friend is an under-counter 500mm wide one with a freezer compartment taking up a third of it's space inside. With doors not big enough to hold much.
The new fridge isn't as wide or quite as tall, but is just a larder fridge so I will be able to store things I am accustomed to storing in the fridge.

My new fridge did not arrive...but the doc phoned me prior to the time I was told.
50% result is better than none I suppose.

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