Sunday, 22 April 2012

Dogs, again!

I have just read this article about micro chipping dogs.  Any dog owner who cares about their dog will have it micro chipped in case it should be lost or stolen. I had both mine done at their first "puppy" check after buying them. My older dog, Spark, is a West Highland White, and when I got him WHW's were the most frequently stolen breed of dog. Also, when I got him there were quite a few people around here with "dangerous" dogs, if I walked past them I would here them goad their own dog to "get that ball of fluff!" And in areas where people hold illegal dog fights, family pets are frequently stolen to "train" the fighting dogs.
But, as the article says, the "owners", and I use the term loosely, of dangerous dogs will not bother to have them micro chipped, so if they roam loose they will not be matched up with the owners.
Responsible dogs owners will continue to be responsible, perhaps the answer is to ban the people who do not have their dogs micro chipped from owning dogs, but then again, how will the authorities know?
The scheme is a good idea, but until a method for ensuring all dogs are micro chipped is put in place, it will remain just that, "a good idea", with responsible dog owners getting chips implanted, because it makes good sense. I truly hope that it doesn't push up the price of micro chipping, which is currently around £15...which in the long run is not a great deal of money if you take into consideration the chip stays put for the dogs life.
I don't have any answers as to how they could make this scheme work, and suspect that prices will creep up, as car insurance does because there are people out there who think the law doesn't apply to them and consequently do not pay for car insurance...the same "group" of people would ignore a law to have their dog micro chipped.

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