Saturday, 17 November 2012

Well isn't that what they are employed for?

A couple of days ago I heard an announcement on the local radio.  It made me think, must be a slow news day.  The announcement was concerning the county's road gritters.  It said something along the lines of "The county's gritters are ready for action"
Am I being pedantic here?
Surely that is what the gritters are for?
To be ready for action in case of icy road conditions?
If that is correct, why feel the need to announce it on the news?
I know some people might say, but we were caught out by the cold snap last winter.
It seems to me that every November we get a spell of prolonged icy road conditions, usually around a week. It should be no surprise to the council, who surely look at long range weather forecasts.
It's like announcing after a school holiday that school crossing patrols will be ready for action.  It is what is expected from the job, or even "teachers are prepared to teach the children in this coming term/half term"
Perhaps the radio announcer had been to a course of "stating the obvious classes" and wished to put them to use.

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