Friday, 17 August 2012

Why don't they listen?

Just had a phone call from AA insurance.
Now, I do have my house and contents insurance with them, so a call from them wasn't completely out of the blue.
However, my insurance is due in late June and I have renewed for this year.
When I get a call that doesn't respond after I have said "Hello", I always wait for the other person to speak, after all conversation is about turn taking, and telephone calls are purely conversation.
So, I waited for a response, when it wasn't immediate I realised that it might be a cold caller and continued to wait. Eventually, it was probably only a few seconds, but it seems like ages, the person asked to speak to a specific person, it was me they wanted to speak to, but I always ask, "in connection with what?"  I was then told that it was the AA and they wanted to speak about my house insurance, as I put above, have already renewed for this year, so I just said "And?"
The woman on the other end then said she had noticed that I haven't taken out their household emergency package, and was just about to start on her spiel when I stopped her.
I pointed out I was offered this when I renewed, and declined then, and again within a week of renewing when I was called again, and the other two times when they had called. I asked her which bit of "no, I'm not interested isn't clear?" She was then very apologetic and said she would take my name off the list, and I shouldn't get any more calls about it.
I sincerely hope I won't get a call again.  My phone rings rarely enough without it being people trying to sell me stuff that I truly don't want.
I don't know about you, but if I want a specific product, I will research possible suppliers, suss out the best and call them.  I am not going to impulse buy insurance.  For me impulse buying is getting a "treat" when I go grocery shopping...or as on Tuesday, an absolute bargain that I would be a fool to ignore.  Such as a pair of Doc Marten boots at half recommended retail price, which is what I did buy on Tuesday, and when they are the only thing I can walk in, not really so much of an impulse, just taking advantage of a great offer.
Incidental, these are the boots, only mine are leather, and they cost less than the price displayed

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