Saturday, 16 June 2012

Men's fashion?

Ok, I've posted about women's fashions that I find bizarre, and now it's the mens turn.
There are a lot of teenage and young men in their early 20s wearing very tight pants with a dropped crotch, or just normal trousers just about managing to cling to the wearer. the young men who wear these also seem to expose the top of their underwear.
I'm sorry, but I really don't find this look attractive and think it looks like the wearer has been taken short....OR.....are they wearing a nappy, as the dropped crotch would accommodate one!
And today when I walked the dogs I saw a few lads wearing trousers like the ones I mean, and realised that they actually have a deepened crotch area, so it hangs halfway down the wearer's thighs. I bet they can't run as well in them. Mind you the wearers seem to be trying to look "laid-back" so wouldn't run anywhere.

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