Monday, 17 December 2012

Cheshire Cat Moon

Around ....must be twenty years ago now. My two eldest and I were sat in our car waiting for their Dad to come out of work.  One of them said that the moon looked like the Cheshire Cat's mouth, (as in the Disney film, Alice in Wonderland, they'd been watching it on video.)  I wrote this poem because of that comment.  Tonight there was a "Cheshire Cat Moon" again, and it reminded me of the time when my children were young.
So here it is, the poem....

Cheshire Cat Moon
Cheshire cat moon
Grinning in the sky.
Why’s he grinning?
He’s eaten the pie.
Then he curled up
Had a little dream,
Woke up again
And ate all the cream.
Cheshire cat moon
Grinning in the sky
When Mum finds out
I’ll be the one to cry
She’ll not believe
That you are real
Call me, “little liar!”
A smack is what I’ll feel.
Cheshire cat moon
Grinning in the sky
Growing bigger and bigger
Night after night
The food you steal
On nights clear and still.
Food people leave
On their windowsill.
Cheshire cat moon
Grinning in the sky
Green cheese diet
Is one you’ll never try?

I am quite pleased with the poem, but it also makes me think back to when both my children and I were so much more innocent.

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Blue said...

I sure wish I could write rhyming poetry. This is cute!!!