Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Yesterday I went to the Westmorland General Hospital to have a subtalar joint injection.
I went up on the bus using an Explorer tickets. I'm not sure how far South you can go with one of these lovely tickets, but I think you can go up to Carlisle using one. The cost the princely sum of £10. Seeing as the journey from the stop near me into Lancaster would have cost £2.50-ish one way, although I normally buy a Day Rider if going into Lancaster, as it is cheaper than a return ticket. I think it would have cost more than £7.50 to Kendal.  I could have used this ticket to return home again, but Patient Transport brought me back home. 
As with most hospital visits it was mostly about waiting around until it was my turn.  The actual injection, including a local took around 15-20 minutes, and that is being conservative in time, I'm sure it took less.
I've to keep a diary of how my ankle feels and take it with me to my follow-up out-patient appointment in three months time. If it has worked, and I have much less discomfort than last time I had a steroid injection, and acts as a painkiller for me, it can be repeated. This is good for me as I am very limited in what painkillers I can take due to having Asthma and a bad reaction/allergy to opium based painkillers. (so even cocodamol is a no-no for me.)
I'm feeling OK today, the joint is a bit achy, but then having something injected into a joint is bound to be.

Also, Spark was 11 yesterday, in human years.  How many that makes him in dog years I'm not sure, I'm pretty sure it isn't a straight 7 for every one of our years.  I'll have a look online. He's 57!
The calculation is not as straight forward as I thought you can find it here.  That is not so bad, because if it was straight 7, he'd be 77 and he doesn't act that old.

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