Sunday, 5 August 2012

Olympic question

Many people have said over the past couple of days....What an excellent team we would have if as much money was spent on other sports as there is on football.
I personally don't agree.
Because, although individual teams are good, the country's team doesn't get enough time to practise as a national team.  And I think this is the first time GB as opposed to the individual countries have taken part in an international football tournament.
The other thing is...England as a national team has not done too well despite them having money lavished on them.
We're British! We thrive when faced with challenges.  If things look like a forgone conclusion, as a nation, we have the recent past....made an absolute hash of things.
And as a throw away thought....if our competitors didn't have the challenge...would they get the support?  England football supporters have had bad press in the that what the other sports want?  Can you imagine hooligans at Hickstead? rowers supported by rabble? ....(now make up your own)
As I have put before, this is my opinion, and might not be anyone else's.  I do tend to go off at tangents.
That aside, well done all the GB athletes, whether you have gained a medal or not. In the true spirit of our school sports education, it's not the winning, it's the taking part that matters.  Seriously, well done ALL of you.

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Brit said...

I think people choose to be great Athletes because they want to be great athletes.

They don't get paid a lot in America either. And definitely not as close to our American Football players. An American Football quarterback makes millions of dollars for signing a one season contract and our Gold medalists make... $25,000 for receiving a gold medal. Not even Michael Phelps is rolling in the dough with the American Olympic Committee.