Thursday, 22 March 2012

useless equipment!

Part of my job is to send orders for equipment, etc that the department I work for needs.
Last Friday one of the teachers came to my "hidey-hole" (office is FAR to grand a name for it...after all,....I am sat in the stock cupboard.) He gave me a piece of Maths equipment and announced, these are no use at all!
I was tired and didn't get what he I looked..and saw that what he had said was useless is actually that.
It was a protractor....but not an ordinary one, it was a solid coloured one......and because of it's solid colour nature, totally useless.
I looked at orders I had sent since I have worked for Maths, and couldn't find the order for I presume that the order predates when I have been in Maths. In fact I had ordered protractors in July last year, but only 50...not 100.
The head of the Maths faculty decided he would give them out to "deserving" pupils...whether they deserve a good laugh...or just deserve taking the Mickey from them remains to be seen.

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