Wednesday, 21 March 2012

gripe about our government

And who hasn't got a gripe about our "lovely" government?
Around two years ago....I thought that I would be eligible for retirement at 60 years the last 18-24 months this has gone up to 67/68 for me...the same length of time again.
I did see me retired and looking after grandchildren once or twice a week, but now all I see is me being too worn out to do anything but keep up with my housework.
I know this sounds like I am wallowing in self pity, but I have one degenerative condition...and I seriously can't see me being able to carry on working until I am 67/68 years we have to stay in work longer...where are the jobs for the students leaving school coming from? They won't be there, because people who should have qualified for their pensions are STILL working.
Mind you..on the plus side...time seems to go faster for me these days.
And if my grandchildren arrive before their grandma is able to care for least once a week...I apologise in advance....I truly wanted to be there for you...look after you how to bake..have some fun with you.....but by the time we spend time together...I'll be your annoying Grandma who you HAVE to go visit! Sorry on so many levels

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