Saturday, 22 September 2012

Not sure how to title this post

It's Mum's birthday next month, and I knew I hadn't got a card as yet, so decided to buy one today when I was out.
I am usually very definite about what I want in a card, but as I looked at each one I just got more and more upset.  All the verses said lovely stuff about what a special person the recipient was, but nearly all of them said in one way or another that the sender hoped their wishes came true, or they had every happiness on their birthday.  It just upset me so much, and is doing as I'm typing this.
If you follow my blog, you will know that my Dad died in February, and to me I think Mum will never be completely happy again, and her wish would be to have Dad there with her.  That is why I haven't bought a conventional card, and I don't think a funny one is appropriate.
I was fortunate though, as I asked the lady on the market stall if they had any blank cards.  I explained why. They had an assortment of cards, some blank, some saying thinking of you and some saying best wishes.
I know Mum's birthday will be difficult for her this year, and I had no wish to make it any more difficult.

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