Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Why bother asking?

Why do some people ask other people's opinions, and then go ahead and do as they planned, without taking into consideration the responses they got?
Or is it just my family thinking that what I think doesn't matter?
Do they just ask me, because it is expected of them?
They never take any notice of the responses they get from me.
I don't mean my children, I mean my siblings.
It always upsets me so much ...they used to push me about so they got what they wanted when we were young, doesn't seem to have changed with age.

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Blue said...

Unfortunately there's no rule of etiquette that states one is required to listen to advice that's offered. Of course it's maddening when you feel that it's a waste of time; I feel like that all the time when someone does it to me. But hard as it is, we have to remember they are asking for your opinion they aren't asking for you to tell them what to do. In the case where they don't seem to listen, I think it's their way of using you to confirm what's in their mind to do. If I were in your shoes, I would stop offering an opinion. Beginning your response with "I don't know..." or "I don't care..." might put them off asking you. Then again, since it's your siblings, they might still run crying to Mummy crying about how you won't help them. You can explain things to your Mum or not, as you see fit. It's just not worth the energy you're spending on them.