Monday, 24 December 2012

Amazon spies on you!

Not the mighty river in South America, but the online retailer.
It's true.
You decide to price up an item and within a couple of days you'll get a friendly e-mail along the lines of.
"Hey! You were looking for X on our site.  Here it is again, and some suitable alternatives."
I wonder how many people, after getting one of those e-mails, goes back to Amazon and buys the product?
It seems like spying to me, or having an over enthusiastic sales person following you around saying, "Hey, I'm still here and willing to help you with a purchase, should you wish to make one."
I'm sure if I think about it long enough a poem might form around this.
Anyway, Happy Christmas, Seasons Greetings to all my followers.  I just might post again today, I'm not decided as yet.

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