Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Equipment for university

I think I might have got most of the stuff that Edwin needs to take with him to university in September now.
Today I have been buying him some more kitchen stuff.
two knives, a small  one and a larger one. Decided to buy Sabatier ones as they were only slightly dearer and they are guaranteed for 15 years.
Kitchen shears, for chopping stuff in the kitchen when a knife just won't do.
Two wooden spatulas and a wooden spoon.
Oven gloves
roasting tin

That was all on a trip to Asda.  I have bought other stuff such as a wok, frying pan, steamer, , and loads of other kitchen things.
Edwin is going in self catering halls.
Bedding, towels, etc will be sorted out from home, and I bought him a stash of sketchbooks so that he doesn't have to worry about trying to find some.  I bought him 6 Fat Eco Pigs size A4, and six A3 ones and a normal thickness A2 sketchbook as well. The sketchbooks are from a company called The Pink Pig in Huddersfield, school where I work get there's from the same company which is how I knew where to get them from.  (I have been Art technician at one point.) A lot of his art equipment lives in stacking boxes when not being used so it will just be a case of making sure that what he wants to take with him is in the boxes.

I know I'll miss Edwin, but I know that he will thoroughly enjoy his time at uni and might miss me a little bit, but he is starting out on his adult life.  A thing that all of us have to do at one time or another in their life.

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