Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Chancellor's Autumn speech

Yes, today the Chancellor of the Exchequer is going to be making his Autumn speech.  (Or mini budget if you prefer.)
Is it too much to hope that he might take some measures that will ensure the lower paid don't lose out yet again. 
In the past years he might have given us a higher level of pay before we start paying tax, but this has been simply gobbled up by the increases elsewhere.
For example, domestic fuel prices have climbed, meaning that it costs more to heat your house in winter, and light it, and even do basic stuff like cook, preserve food, (in the fridge,) etc. The increases in fuel duty, along with the fuel companies puts up the price of food in the shop, as the cost of delivering food to the shops increases.
I'm sure the shops themselves must have bigger overheads due to power price increases.  These are all passed on to the consumer.
Why can't they see that it just creates a vicious circle?
Food prices have climbed quite a lot in the past few years, so the average lower paid employee ends up using most of their wage to be able to survive. Or is it a plot, to return the lower paid/ working classes back to the state the country was in a 100 years ago?  I don't have any answers, but hitting the little people can't be gaining the government very much.

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