Monday, 16 July 2012

Bending the truth for adverts?

Is it worth bending the truth for an advert, so that it catches the eye, and promotes the product?
Well, maybe.  But to me they shouldn't portray something that is out of kilter...unless it is completely out of kilter.
The one which is annoying me at the moment is the Specsavers Advert.  The one where a couple in a car arrive to catch a ferry, and end up on an aircraft carrier.
I know that the tagline is "Should have gone to Specsavers", but civilian and military docks are not shared in this country.  So there really is no way they could have ended up on the deck of an aircraft carrier.
I am quite happy for the British Gas men , (are they all men in the vans...another post...sexist advert?) to zip around an imaginary space where everyone lives on their own personal planet...but it is quite obvious that it is fantasy, similarly the talking kitchen and household appliances in I think it is Scottish Power's advert. 
Can the advert makers please remember to get some facts correct.  I could see some people worrying when their family goes off to catch a ferry, warning them not to drive onto any waiting aircraft carriers.  And the people who would say that , would not believe it was impossible to do.

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