Sunday, 12 August 2012

everybody's talking about it, or are they?

I haven't quite finished it yet.  But it is nowhere near as racy as people think.  And let's be honest it's mostly men who are thinking that women are reading something sexy.  I have seen one of my friends on facebook comment, "What is wrong with me getting Razzle, if women are reading 50 Shades? "   I could have told him, but I won't.  But real as against fictional comes into it.
It's an easy read, but being frank, I have read much "racier" books, and so much better written as well.

Have you read it? Or daren't you admit reading it?  What did you think of the book?
E L James has topped J K Rowling as fastest selling author, but only as fastest selling, I'm sure J K Rowling's books have better crafted plots.

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